5 Must-Have Features For A Decent Android TV Dongle

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.8.2014. | 15:07

An Android TV dongle is a great way to transform an ordinary television into a robust computer system with access to the extensive library of apps in the Google Play store. These devices can also double as TV streaming dongles that let you stream content from your phone or tablet to your television.

Android TV DongleAndroid TV Dongle

If want to find the best Android TV device to fit your needs, then you will definitely need to look for these five essential features:

Android: Get 4.2 or later
Android is the operating system of the dongle, with version 4.2 being robust enough to handle most of the apps on the Google Play store. If you get an Android TV dongle with an operating system earlier than 4.2, the latest apps may not (and often will not) work on your device. Check the label for the version, and then confirm it by opening Apps, then Settings, then About. This ought to show you if the dongle you have in your hands is running on Android 4.2 or later.

Speed: Aim for high RAM and CPU specs
1 GHz dual-core CPUs and 1 gigabyte of RAM will often be enough to run basic apps, but the more resource intensive apps (i.e. games, HD video playback etc.) will need at least a 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU coupled with 2 gigabytes of RAM. These specs are the bare minimum that will allow your Android TV dongle to run most Android apps without much of a problem, although you may want to invest in a device with better specs if you plan to regularly watch 1080p videos or run the latest graphics-intensive Android games.

Controller: Get one with a built-in keyboard
A good Android TV remote can mean the difference between smoothly interacting with your new computer setup and smashing the remote on the floor in frustration. Take note that setting up the Android TV dongle and running many of the apps will require you to press a lot of keys at a time, but a remote with a built-in keyboard will make all that a cinch to deal with.

Connectivity: Look for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI and DLNA
A HDMI or USB TV dongle will allow you to plug the dongle into the TV, while Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities will allow you to use a wider array of controllers as needed. These even allow you to use an Android-powered smart phone or tablet to serve as a remote control. And finally, a DLNA-certified Android TV dongle will make sure that it will work with almost all TVs in existence.

Protection: Always check the warranty
The warranty is the last – but definitely not the least – feature you need to look for. The dongle is a miniature Android TV computer, made of many complex and fragile parts that need to work in complete harmony so that the dongle can do its job. If you scrimp on cash and get a dongle from a supplier with very limited (or even completely absent) warranties, then you will not be able to do anything if the dongle ends up being defective.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you will be able to pick out the essentials that define a competent Android TV dongle!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.8.2014. | 15:07
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