Copying Text And Pictures, How To Get Product Descriptions

Author xlxmarketing 7.8.2009. | 21:44


Dropshipping just got a whole lot easier
How would you like to get the pictures and descriptions off our site easily and quickly and make them do the best job possible in generating sales for you?

Of course you would. After all every picture and description on Chinavasion has been created to help our customers generate more sales on their preferred ecommerce platform.

To make the lives of dropshippers easy we ensure that there is a full description and a wide range of photographs on every product so that people selling them online can get the most benefit out of a minimum amount of effort.

The product descriptions and photos are just one of the ways we like to help out our dropshippers and resellers and, with Chinavasion’s dropshipping program you can expect to see:

  • No joining fees
  • Lightning fast shipping times
  • A wholesale discount program designed especially for dropshippers

Of course, as with everything in life, there are conditions on using our descriptions, some of the more important ones being:

  • Material can be used by Chinavasion customers, blog writers and affiliates ONLY
  • You cannot copy or adapt customer testimonials or product reviews

Something else which is more common sense advice more than anything is that it is important to ensure you don’t let your customers know where you are getting your products from.

Two things Chinavasion is known for online is our name (unsurprisingly) and product pictures that have a blue circle behind them. You would be surprised how often both end up on eBay.

So now you know what you can take it’s a matter of looking at how you can take it.

Getting Pictures Off Chinavasion


Somebody once said that a picture is worth 1000 words and that’s definitely the case when it comes to ecommerce. In fact, pictures are so valuable it’s a good idea to save a copy of the pictures you want to use on your own hard drive and not risk hot-linking images from another site. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling on eBay, an eBay alternative or your own site The situation is still the same.

Thankfully this is relatively easy to do, especially if you are using the Firefox browser or the Chrome browser and can be done simply with a few clicks.

Step 1) Get The Size That You Want
In pictures bigger is always better you can get a bigger size for almost all of Chinavasion’s pictures by putting your mouse over the top of the picture so that you see a magnifying glass and clicking on it.

This will bring up the bigger size.

Step 2) Get The Image Option Menu

Pulling up the menu that allows you to save the image is as easy as right-clicking your mouse, regardless of whether you’re using Firefox or Chrome.

In both you also select the same option. Save image as.

Step 3) Save The Picture To Your Desktop

Once you’ve done this a box will come up asking you what you want to call the picture.

In Firefox, all you’ll probably need to do is to press OK but in Chrome you may need to type the text .jpg onto the end of the file

And that’s it. You should have a high quality, attractive picture to load onto your listing.

But how do you get the writing off the Chinavasion site?

Getting Descriptions From Chinavasion


How you scrape the descriptions off the Chinavasion site very much depends on whether or not you want it looking like it is on Chinavasion, or if you just want the description and you are going to make it look a different way.

It will probably be a good idea to go through your description and remove any mention of:

  • Chinavasion
  • Reseller
  • Wholesale
  • Dropship
  • EBay

If you just want the words there’s really nothing to it just copy the text paste it into a notepad document and then paste THAT text into your description.

If you want the list format as well you are going to need to copy the HTML source code.

While Baya Harrison put together an excellent beginners guide to HTML and offered a great Free EBay Listing HTML Template, in many cases you can get the code directly off the site.

The process differs if you’re using Firefox or Chrome but essentially the principle is the same.


One area where Chrome is perhaps not as adaptable as Firefox is the ability for the user to manipulate it.

To get the code for descriptions off of chrome you need to get to the description you want to copy and then press the Ctrl and U keys on your keyboard. This will open up the code in another page.

Of course you don’t want all that code, it’s just overkill. You just want the bit the description and the product details are in.

Thankfully finding those key parts of the page that you want to copy is as easy as pressing the ctrl button and F button together.

Let’s say I want to list the CVSL-I21, a stylish 8GB spy watch that has just been listed on Chinavasion.

The description that I want to list starts with “Presenting sheer elegance” so I will highlight and copy that. Then after going to the page with the source code, I hit ctrl-F, paste in the text Presenting sheer elegance and hit enter.

Voila I’ve found the text I want.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste that into a notepad document and you are good to go. If you have frontpage or dreamweaver you can paste this into the source section.

When getting the product notes don’t forget to include the <ul> and <li> tags otherwise the HTML won’t work.


Getting the source code from Firefox is a much easier prospect than getting it from Chrome.

In fact the steps you follow to get code off the recent version of Firefox are almost exactly the same as the steps used to get a picture.

The first thing to do is to find the text you want to copy and highlight it.

Then click the right button on your mouse and select the option that says “View Selected Source”.

This will then highlight the entire line of code you need to copy and, once again all you need to do is copy it and paste it into a notepad file.

If this option is not available you can press ctrl-U and get the code in the same manner you would if you were getting the code from Chrome.

So that’s it. Now you have everything you need to get the code and pictures from Chinavasion successfully without any hassle.

Why don’t you go to our new products and check out the latest electronics at wholesale prices, just waiting to be dropshipped at your store.

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Author xlxmarketing 7.8.2009. | 21:44
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  1. Eugenio marchena August 28, 19:57

    hola, estoy comprando en chinavasion desde hace mas de 1 aƱo

    estoy elaborando mi web y quisiera poder introducir todos sus productos rapidamente

    la idea seria que o bien me dejaran acceso de lectura a su base de datos y poder exportar los datos que necesitoa mi base o

    ustedes crean un archivo de exportacion de datos que pueden ir cambiando semanalmente, descargable en la web para los usuarios como yo

    de manera que descargamos ese archivo y ya disponemos de todos los datos que necesitamos
    precios, descripcion, fotos, categoria, lo exencial

    tienen una gran cantidad de productos introducir todos los datos manualmente puede ser muy laborioso

    en cambio si los podemos tener todos rapidamente, mis ventas aumentaran y las suyas por consiguiente tambien

    espero contestacion


    y de esta manera seria la mas comoda

  2. David January 26, 20:29

    This is excellent advice however, what we need is a way to remove your part numbers and product names from the pictures. We quite often “rename” your products and descriptions so that our customers can’t “Google” them and find you. This is very difficult of late as I note that many of the product pictures now have not only the product name, but also your part number embedded on to them. We would love to find out a way to remove them. Thanks for a great site.

  3. tracy August 17, 22:20

    can i copy and page the description put on pdf file.

  4. Adrian August 19, 09:49

    Hi Tracy,

    Please check:

    This explains which material of ours that you can use and how.

  5. Michael June 18, 15:53

    Has your CVS system been created yet? Is it far away?

  6. xlxmarketing Author June 20, 11:54

    Hi Michael,

    I am afraid we are not gonna create the CVS system. We are adding new products daily, and constantly updating product descriptions and discount prices. Currently the only way to search or browse Chinavasion products is using the online store system.
    Thank you for your understanding!

  7. Alp Aydin August 26, 17:44

    Hi Guys,

    There is no way we can have all the products copy and pasting one by one. If you can not supply CSV file with all data and separately picture file in a zip(thumb and large images) unfortunately I can’t use your product. Once you have the image file also we can be able to change their name in bulk and use our JPG names rather than your original name.

  8. xlxmarketing Author August 31, 15:56

    Hi Alp,
    Thank you for your comment.
    Unfortunately we are not currently provide CSV file but we will take your suggestion into consideration. As to copying and pasting images of our products, we suggest either you can right click the pictures and then copy the image location to your html product description or just save the image as any name you prefer to your desktop before you uploading them to your own website.

    Please feel free to contact if you need any further help.

    Have g nice day.

  9. xlxmarketing Author November 18, 13:43

    Hi William,
    Sorry, We don’t have that product catalog at the moment, you can get to know those information you need directly through our website.

  10. xlxmarketing Author March 20, 14:21

    Hi, Michael
    Thanks for your supporting. we have taken your advice in consideration.

  11. Ruben April 30, 05:43

    I also need a csv export of the products, this would be very usefull!
    Also an rss feed for the items I’m selling too see if there are any updates

  12. hitesh July 26, 09:21

    Without any catalogue its very difficult to copy each and every listing and then listing each item on the other site. Please arrange for some quick catalogue for your items.

  13. david August 8, 02:41

    if you could build a link we could copy your current products to our websites and or stores along with a way to link my current paypal account to the site easily and when a new product comes our or one is out of stock or discontinued its automatically updated im sure many poeple would be willing to purchase a site thus generating more income for chinavasion and your resellers

  14. Shirley August 27, 11:10

    Hi David,
    Thanks for your valued suggestion. We will take it into consideration.

  15. Denville Walwyn August 31, 13:00

    Thanks for your great advise, I will take it consideration.

  16. Denville Walwyn August 31, 13:01

    Not at this moment

  17. Norman November 13, 02:33

    How can we copy and edit your products clips?please let me know. thank you

  18. Shirley December 13, 09:45

    Hi John,
    Thanks for your good advice.
    Please contact customer service( when you need a video without our logo, we will offer it. And as to the csv stuff, we do take this suggestion into consideration, hopefully we will have it soon.

  19. Shirley January 7, 10:41

    Sorry what do you mean by the products clips please?

  20. Glynn January 21, 13:30

    The best thing is to create the same system Amazone or Clickbank uses. Just copy the system, is that simple! All you have to do is make some adjustments. For example those that wants to use the’drop ship’ method, must sign up or buy into that special’module’ created for that purpose. The others sign up as an affilliate
    All your products will then have to have an asin or product number and a htlm affiliate code.
    Why try and re-invent the wheel?
    It’s what made Amazon and ClickBank multi-billion companies.

  21. Bernard February 5, 03:23

    I am also beginning the drop shipping business and C.V. not having some export method is very bad for business.
    Fortunately, my company is in web programming business, and we could easily develop a PHP extension of your system to enable all customers to always get the newest product lists and photos. ChinaVision team can contact us, we would be delighted to help šŸ˜‰

  22. Miguel April 23, 04:02

    I think Bernard has the solution will be a lot easier with the PHP extencion. Well Chinavasion?

  23. James August 8, 19:23

    I use Droptec for keeping my stock up to date. They import new products with images/descriptions and remove discontinued products and update my stock levels on autopilot.

  24. Shane July 21, 03:18

    Hmm..if only..if only a “chinavasion turbo lister” compatible with PayPal Here and eBay etc…

  25. Migu July 21, 10:22

    Show me how

  26. Michael November 22, 01:22

    How can we get alt text and alt tags from Chinavasion to help optimize our page rank and SEO to sell more product with ChinaVasion…

  27. James Mash November 22, 09:37

    Im not sure what you mean by alt text and alt tags, id you mena the keywords and meta data then look under the source code for

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