Digital TV A Dream Come True For Sports Fans And Commuters

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.7.2009. | 15:27


Digital TV is a great way to always be up to the play with your favorite teams.
How would you like to always be able to get the close ups and commentary for all of your favorite games no matter where you are?

Or keep up with your favorite radio shows when you’re stuck in traffic or on your lunch break.

All of these things are now possible with the new portable Digital TV units that are emerging.

In the 1980’s, analogue TV was available on the go when Casio and Sony launched portable televisions which they hoped would revolutionize viewing, but this never really took off.

…20 years later.

The digital age is here and with it all sort of goodies that will amaze anybody, let alone a person who’s been asleep for 20 years.

Take football coverage as an example.

When it comes to competitions and leagues it seems that there’s almost endless offerings of the beautiful game. Barclays Premiership,La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A – the list goes on.

And, thanks to the broadcasting of free view digital channels, mostly all available to you at any time of the day, any place in the world.




There are plenty of portable DVB-T Vs on the market but few are as flexible and as user friendly as CVEF-E35, CVEF-E15, or CVDQ-M35 

It really doesn’t matter if you are at the stadium itself, or stuck in traffic or at the office a portable digital TV will either connect you to the game itself or add a new dimension to the live experience.

Imagine you are at the game! You have a back row seat but would like to have a closer look at what’s happening on the pitch.

With a portable DTV you will catch all the replays, interviews, and close up action!

And when you’re not at the stadium but on a train getting home from work, and your team is about to kick off you won’t miss the action thanks to your portable digital television.

Sky Sports in the UK is available on free view, so when you’re out and about on a Saturday afternoon, why not have one of these four portable DVB-T devices set up so you can always keep and eye on the score and keep up to date with the league tables.

These portable DVB-T devices also receive FM Radio; this means you can listen to the full commentary of your team’s football match, when they are not broadcasted on TV.

Make sure you never miss the commentary of your teams football match broadcasted on the radio such as Radio 5 Live, or on a digital channel such as ITV 3 or ITV4.

But the portable digital TVs are capable of doing more than keeping you up with the play with sport.

Today more entertainment channels are available now with the ever growing social content broadcasted on digital frequencies.

Take the UK for example. There are dozens of free view Digital channels available to watch for free, as well as over a dozen radio channels


There is a wide range of digital TV and radio stations available with something for everybody
All over the world now days, you see commuters with iPods, laptops, PSP and MP4 players, all killing time watching videos and listening to music.

Where portable digital TV beats them hands down is its capability of receiving TV channels to get up to date information and entertainment.

So what are you waiting for, check out our fantastic range of Digital TV options and make sure you’re never out of the loop again.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.7.2009. | 15:27
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  1. marcia crichlow August 2, 07:55

    when can i see digital tv that can be use in the USA

  2. Jacqueline December 1, 02:15

    How do I get digital free tv on my device ? The CWGI-E41. I only get the scrambled ones now.

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