Your 5 Point Guide To Understanding Rugged Mobiles

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.8.2014. | 16:01

4_3_Inch_Rugged_Android_CZoptbQxAs the smartphone is used by more and more people, sometimes we need a phone which is ruggedized to meet for some needs of us. Rugged is just a word but when we talk about rugged mobile phones what is it that we mean? Well in this article we will try to provide an answer to that question and highlight the benefits of rugged mobile phones.


What is a Rugged Phone?

The Merriam- Webster Dictionary describes the word as meaning “able to withstand hardship, strain, or exposure” and that's a fairly good idea of what we think of when we hear the term rugged Smartphone or rugged phone. We picture tough phones able to stand up to lots of punishment like drop the phone into the water and drop off from the ground, and this is what we should expect when we buy a rugged android phone.


Who are these phones for ?

Well the answer is that rugged phones are for a whole range of people but are designed to withstand water and dust damage, drops onto hard surfaces, extreme temperatures, and all kinds of hazards that would normally render non rugged phones inoperable. It’s these qualities that make rugged cell phones best suited for people who work, live or play outdoors, because there is a higher likely hood of their phones being exposed to these hazards.


Ingress Protection Rating

Most rugged cell phones will have some sort of Ingress Protection Rating (IP rating). But what is this and how does it work?

IP ratings are an international standard that classifies and rates the degree of protection mechanical and electrical casings provide against the intrusion of dust and water and aims to provide users with a clear indication of what they can expect, rather than the vague marketing terms such as waterproof. Many rugged phones will have an IP rating such as IP67. The first digit 6, shows how well its protected against ingress from solid particles and level 6 would be the highest on this scale showing its dust tight.

The second digit, in this case 7, shows how well its protected from liquid ingress and a 7 would show its been tested by immersion in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

A rugged phone with an IP67 rating could there for be described as a dustproof phone and a waterproof phone. You can click here to see a full IP ratings guide. 

What is Ruggedized ?

Some phones may be described as a ruggedized phone or ruggedized cell phones which generally means they have a tough rubberized exterior, where this is the case they will usually state that they are also Shockproof and this is because the tough rubberized exterior will absorbed the shock from drops of a meter or two. Don’t expect them to survive being dropped out of a 6 th floor apartment window, but they should take most bumps and knocks in their stride.


Gorilla Glass and Sapphire Glass

You may even see that some of best rugged cell phone designs incorporate some form of toughened glass on the screen. This could be Gorilla Glass or Sapphire Glass. This glass works because it is designed to be harder than most standard objects. Minerals are all rated on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, by incorporating tough minerals into the glass it makes them harder and therefore more scratch resistant.

The Mohs scale goes from 0 to >10. At the bottom of the scale are things like sodium, potassium and tacl and at the top of the scale are diamonds. It would be very expensive to make a screen from diamonds but its viable to include minerals in the glass to make them harder and they can therefore better resist being scratched by softer items such as iron, steel and nickel. If you look at some of the best rugged smartphone designs you will see these sort of screens, however expect to pay more for them.


In Conclusion

If you on the market for a rugged android smartphone this guide should help you. Whether selecting a waterproof cell phone or rugged smartphone you now know everything you will need to make the best choice for your needs. To get you started on your quest for the best rugged mobile phones for you then click to visit our Chinavasion site.



Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.8.2014. | 16:01
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