How To Charge Your Phone Quickly

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.7.2014. | 15:50


I’m sure we have all done it. Got home from, work got changed to go out and looked at our phone to see that the battery is in the red and it needs to be charged. With perhaps only 30 or 40 minutes to charge your phone you know it won’t last the evening so what can you do.

Well surprisingly enough you can still get a lot of charge into your phone in just 30 minutes and here’s how.

Before you connect your phone to a charger make sure you close any open apps this will minimize the amount of processor power being used. You should also put you phone in Airplane mode which will turn off the power to the wireless radios in your device, the downside being you will be prevented from making or receiving calls but and accessing the web but the trade-off is your device will be able to charge faster because all those background processes that eat away and energy will be disabled.

You can achieve the same benefits from powering down the phone completely but this may not be ideal for those of you who relay on the clock or reminder / alarm features.

The back-light and display settings will also have a significant effect on the charging so remember this when checking the charging progress of your device. It’s best to just let the phone charge and grab it when you’re ready to leave. Hopefully these little t tips will help you get more from your phone when you need to charge it quickly so it can last the night but if you’re really in a rush and find yourself in this situation regularly it could be advisable to invest in a power bank.

These come in a range of shapes and sizes and are a great way to let you charge your phone when you don’t have a power socket to hand. Just grab the power bank plug it to your phone and stick them in your pocket or bag and you will never be without power again. You can check out our extensive range of power banks by clicking here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.7.2014. | 15:50
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