How to Wipe Your Android Device

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Many phone users would like to sell their old phones rather than just throw them away, it’s an easy way to make a few bucks and can save you a bit of money and there are tens of thousands of second hand phones sold every day on sites like ebay. But before you rush off and list your old Android you want to make sure that the only thing your selling is your phone and not your data.

If you want to delete data from your phone a factory reset simply isn’t enough. This will typically just remove the index for the data but leave all that valuable information and pictures on the device, even if you delete them they can still be recovered so what to do.

Well first make sure you have copied off any data you want to keep and then try these steps as suggested by CNet to make the recovery of data from you device a lot harder.

1. CNet recommends that you encrypt your device before wiping it, which can be done in the ‘Security’ section of the ‘Settings’ menu.

2. Next you’ll want to perform a factory reset, which is done in the ‘Backup & reset’ section of the Settings menu.

3. For added protection you then need to load your phone with ‘dummy’ data, such as stock photos and video, so people can’t steal your identity.

4. Now perform another factory reset, erasing the dummy data. Repeat this three times or more to be as secure as possible.

5. Your data is not only now buried beneath dummy content, but if someone does get that far into your phone they’ll find it is encrypted as well.

While this doesn’t make it impossible to recover the data it’s probably going to make it very hard. If you really want to ensure your data can’t be removed you will probably have to destroy the phone. A large electromagnet should do the job.

You can click the following link to view more of our excellent how to guides.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.7.2014. | 11:36
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