Learn How 3D Printing Will Reshape The World

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.7.2014. | 15:17

If you’re not excited by the prospects of 3-D printing then perhaps you’re not thinking big enough.

Over the past couple years there have a been a number of articles about 3-D printing, each one illustrating how in some way it has changed the way we think about thinks, revolutionized an industry or overcome obstacles that previously were thought of as insurmountable.

I will give you a few examples. In March 2013 an unnamed man in the US had part of his skull replaced by a 3-D printed parts. This wasn’t just a small part, 75% of his skull was replaced by a 3D printed plastic prosthetic, and the transplant marked a milestone in medical science.

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In February this year a 3-D printed Exosuit allowed a paraplegic to get back on her feet and walk again.

It’s not just the medical world that has seen the impact of the 3D printers, almost every industry has felt the benefits of these incredible devices and many observers believe that 3-D printing will make life as we know it barely recognizable in 50 or 60 years time. In a similar way that machine tools and even the industrial revolution changed the face of the globe.

At the moment people are generally expected to live into their 70’s or 80’s and the pattern of living longer will continue, so it’s realistic to assume that we’re going to be living to 100 or 110 and this will become the norm. Obviously we’re not going to be sitting around all day so we’re going to be more active in our later years, which will put stress and strain on our aging bodies. These bodies will be susceptible to damage from accidents, poor lifestyles, disease and the unstoppable effects of aging so they will need maintenance.

Now imagine that you can print a new lung or heart? Surely this will help maintain our body as we grow older and it’s not as farfetched as it sounds. There are companies out there that are already printing skin, kidneys and replicas of a human heart so it’s not unreasonable to think that if you lost your leg you could get a new one printed layer by layer.

3-D printing is here to stay and it’s not just the medical industry it will affect. It will change the manufacturing industry, who needs to have their trainers made in China or Vietnam when they can be printed out at home? Building methods for everything from cars to skyscrapers and even jet engines could change. This is starting to take effect now as some American designers are working on 3-D printed cars and in China and Holland 3-D printers are building entire houses, in England there was even a 3-D printed hamburger.


Of cause you can’t use the same 3-D printer to make jet engine parts as you’d use for your hamburger but there is a lot of potential for 3D printing. Even just at home for artists, architects or engineers the possibilities are overwhelming, why not open you mind to the 3-D revolution and get creative? If you’re interested in 3-D printing you can even check out what we have to offer and see where your imagination takes you. Click to check out our 3-D printers.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.7.2014. | 15:17
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