5 Steps To A Faster, Safer More Stable Home WiFi Connection

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Boosting your WiFi experience can be done pretty easily by getting some wholesale WiFi accessories and following a few other simple tips.
Improving the wireless internet connection is quickly becoming a big concern for many internet users.

It could be trying to cope with a home Wi-Fi network that appears to be weak as watery milk and is constantly getting cut off due to the lack of signal strength.

It could be mobile internet users trying to find a WiFi hotspot to plug into, but something that is quickly gaining in importance is the finding, and keeping of WiFi signal.

Tip 1) Use Items From The Kitchen To Improve Signal Reception


Much like satellite dishes improve the chances of catching signals from space, a few household items can actually increase the amount of signal your Wi-Fi dongle or router gets and increases the chances of getting a signal.


Tinfoil and cooking strainers (sieves), not just for the kitchen
Items like tinfoil and cooking strainers can be placed around WiFi dongles and routers to increase the amount of signal they receive.

Plans for the ‘windsurfer’ can be found at freeantennas.com/projects/template2/index.html (the site freeantennas.com has several other plans if you are interested)

Using a sieve is as easy as cutting a hole in the middle and putting it onto your dongle so that the inner curve is pointing away from the computer.

Tip 2) Improve The WiFi Network Layout To Increase Signal


Just changing the way your Wi-Fi network is set up in your house can improve how well your WiFi works.

Here’s what the New York Times recommends you do to improve wireless connections:

  • Radio waves spread best to the side and down. Put your base station in the middle of an upper floor and above furniture.
  • Radio Signals don’t turn corners well, so if at all possible plan to avoid things like thick walls, mirrors, fish tanks and anything metal
  • Receivers and other access points also can transfer so use access points as boosters throughout the house to rebroadcast your Wi fi signal around problem areas
  • Some electronic devices can play havoc with your WiFi network, so place wireless network components far from devices like cordless phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors and halogen lamps

When mapping out your network there are gadgets like Chinavasion’s WiFi Pen Hotspot Finder (CVASQ-008) that will help you find out where signals are strongest.


Tip 3)Upgrade Your Equipment


Chinavasion has plenty of wholesale WiFi accessories to help improve the reach of your WiFi equipment.

One option is our CVSD-K31 WI-FI booster which increases the signal distance and bandwidth throughout your wireless network by 5 times the normal strength.

To increase the power of your wireless network al you need to do is to attach the Wi-Fi Signal Booster (Wireless Signal Amplifier) to your wireless access point/router and then plug the power adapter in.

The signal amplifier will increase any wireless device in the 2.4 – 2.5 GHz ISM bandwidth. The amplifier is the fastest and easiest way to increase the signal range in any environment.

If you want to increase the signal going to your computer one option is the Maximum Range High Gain Wireless WIFI USB Dongle (CVSB-031) This can be screwed into your router for greater transmission performance or plugged into your home PC for better ‘ad-hoc’ wireless network performance.


Tip 4)Use Software And Settings To Improve Your WiFi Performance


Sometimes the best thing you can do for your WiFi network is to take a look at the software you are using and see if you can optimize the performance of the hardware you are using.

If you are really up with the play about wireless technology and understand what a DCP is and how it gets your computer connected to the HTTP then a good little tool to have is wireshark (wireshark.org/) with wireshark you are able to take a complete look at what is going on in your wireless network and tweak it so it performs better and doesn’t leak as much signal/information to the next door neighbor.

In the same vein changing network settings on your computer can also be useful.

Here are some of the things that you can tweak to improve the performance of your WiFi hub.

  • If you’re living in an area which is likely to have a whole lot of signals (apartment dwellers) you might want to change the router’s channel away from the default setting. Try out channels 1, 6 or 11 as they are rarely used by manufacturers.
  • Turn off SSID broadcasting to stop your network appearing as a susceptible WiFi point to so many people. To do this all you need to do is go into your access point’s administration page and uncheck “Enable SSID Broadcast” box.
  • Limit the Media Access Control (MAC Points) allowed to use the network in the router’s software. The place to do this is again inside the access point’s administration page.
  • Make your network harder to leech of by setting encryption to WPA instead of WEP or none.

Tip 5)Reboot Your WiFi Network


Sometimes the best thing for your computer is a reboot. The same can be said for WiFi networks.

If your Wi-Fi has worked fine for a while but spluttered and died, or not working as well it used to do a cycled reboot of every device that it connects with.

Turn off your broadband modem, switch off your router, then your access points and connected devices including the computer your router connects to.

Then reboot the computer and broadband modem, reboot your router and access points, and reboot connected devices.

So now you can finally put your feet up, relax, and surf the web in peace. Just go and check out the wide range of wholesale WiFi accessories available at Chinavasion.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.7.2009. | 16:35
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