Smart Bracelets That Can Read Your Emotions

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.7.2014. | 10:02

This year at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival there were some insightful innovations, one which caught my eye, as I was reading the news is a new kind of smart bracelet. It is designed to read the wearers emotions. It glaring obvious why marketing companies would be interested in how you feel but there are many other applications which I found myself thinking about and how they could be beneficial to many people.

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The audience at this year’s show was given smart bracelets to wear and these were used to pick up emotions throughout the show to record and report how the audience felt regarding what they are viewing.

This appears to be done by running a small electrical current between two sensors on the back of the device which are in contact with the skin. It’s known that when people become excited their temperature changes and sometimes they sweat; this would be picked up as a change in the current across the skin and could be measured to show how excited or bored a person is.

This may be interesting for large audience events and in this case LED’s and graphical interpretations of the data were used as a kind of art and shown to the audience, but there is also a world of other uses for such technology.

One possibility is changing the way machines and technology respond to us depending on our emotions, future films and computer games could be more interactive and change to better caterer for the viewer and gamers emotions, making games more challenging and horror films scarier. Music players could play suitable songs according to our mood and there could even be medical implementations that help hospitals provide better care.

I suspect that there will be a lot of interest in the development of this technology. As it develops it could yield plenty of opportunities for many real world applications effecting our everyday lives and interaction with technology.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.7.2014. | 10:02
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