Phones Improving the Health of Millions

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.7.2014. | 11:06

I think its time we look at all the great health benefits of phones that can help you lead a healthier life. There are countless millions of apps out there to do a huge range of things some of which can be life changing and other not so. Some of the most revolutionary apps can be used to help us monitor our health and some have far reaching knock on effects.
Phones Improving the Health of Millions

Healthy Apps That Can Help You Now

One of the common apps you will see are exercise and fitness tools. I’m sure we have all been there; we catch a side view of ourselves in the mirror and wish our bellies were a little smaller. Especially if we’re going away on holiday soon or after an indulgent Christmas, but the reality is that we find it too hard to motivate ourselves or make excuses like not having the time, working too much or not being too tired.

Getting and Staying Motivated

Well with these apps we can get real feedback about the exercise we do. Many use your phones built in sensors such as pedometers and GPS to track how far and how fast we move. They can advise us how many calories the exercise is expected to burn and let us plot and compare our daily, weekly and monthly progress so we can see just how effective our workouts are. We can even get this plotted on a map when we get home so we can have a visual aid to help us. This in turn gives us a sense of achievement and helps us gets motivated for exercise.

Sleeping Correctly

How many times do you wake up tired in the mornings and feel like rolling over and going back to sleep? You need that mug of coffee or three to get into gear. Well chances are your sleep cycle is off. You can easily download a simple app that can check and monitor your sleep. These apps will use data from scientific studies to work out your sleep cycle and wake you up at the best time within a preset time frame. They will also suggest the optimum times for you to sleep so as you should be waking up well rested and ready to tackle the day head on.

Checking You’re on the Right Tracks

Another useful app is a cardiograph or heart rate monitor, some of these can measure your heart rate by having you put a finger on the camera lens, and this can then detect changes in the picture and measures your heart rate. For people with heart conditions or who want to keep tabs on their health this can be very useful as a history of readings can be saved to track medical progress or medication effectiveness.

Eating healthy

Doing exercise and monitoring our health are all well and good but we’re only as good as what we put into our bodies. Have you ever heard of the acronym GIGO, It stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out, so in order to have geed health and function well we have to put in good food to power our bodies. Well now there are no more excuses, you can find out the best foods to eat and where to purchase them, you can take into account any dietary needs and allergies and also get handy simple recipes so you can eat healthier so as you will be on the road to better fitness. There are even a number of apps that can make it easier to compare where to get your prescriptions filled and who the nearest doctors and specialists are so you can take control of your health. Please remember that while all these apps are informative useful tools that can be a huge benefit to your health they are not a replacement for a trained professional. If you would like to learn more, then please check the link below.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.7.2014. | 11:06
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