The Future of Smart Bulbs

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.7.2014. | 13:18

It’s hard to predict the future but I for one think this bright idea will see a lot of development and integration into our lives over the next 5 years.

They certainly have some great advantages. Everyone has light bulbs in their house; they take up no extra room than a standard bulb, require no additional power or speaker leads and being Bluetooth enabled can connect to lots of devices that most people already have.

These Smart Bulbs as they are being called, have some great possibilities. They look similar to a standard light bulb and they screw into your convention light socket and run on mains power but on closer inspection you will see some distinct differences, such as the grills for the built-in speakers. They can cast a good amount of light and with built-in Bluetooth you can sync any supported Bluetooth devices to them and play music from say your phone through your light bulbs.


Now while these little speakers are not going to give you the full base and acoustic resonance of the conventional speakers that you have linked through your sound system there are some fantastic opportunities and applications for them.

You can easily stream music to light bulbs in your bathroom which is much safer and requires fewer leads than putting a stereo within arm’s reach of the bath. So you can soak in tranquility with your favorite tunes or relaxing music.

I’m sure in the near future there will be a host of apps to control these devices so you can program sound and light to come from your house while you’re out or away on holiday to deter would be thief’s.


It would make the ideal night-light for children especially with a timer or dimmer switch allowing them to doze off listening to their favorite music or fairytale. Likewise it would make a nice alarm for the morning.

It may in the future be possible to link all the devices together as well so you could walk from room to room and have the music from your phone stream to the nearest light bulbs, which would make those household chores much more enjoyable or save you missing your radio show when you go to the bathroom or get up to answer the door.

As our homes become more and more integrated with our gadgets and electronics they will also be more capable of fulfilling our needs and we will find ourselves interacting with it in ever more ingenious ways. This is why I think we will see an ever increasing number of these light bulbs and a whole host of applications allowing us to take advantage of them.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.7.2014. | 13:18
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