EBay Alternatives, How To Buy Global And Sell Local

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Some of the more successful alternative to eBay sites are those that have an established local base to work off.

How would you like to minimize the shipping problems associated with dropshipping. Cut down on international phone calls and emails and still sell as much as you’re used to selling, if not more?

While buy global, sell local might be a concept better fitting of your average brick and mortar sellers or people who sell at the market it is one that can be adopted when selling over the internet too.

In fact, some of the more successful eBay alternatives out there are those that cater to more local markets where they are better positioned to serve their audience and compete with bigger brands.

So if you’re planning to buy (or source) globally and sell locally where can you sell?

Here are a few sites which have a good ground in their local markets:



Not many people haven’t heard of Craigslist online. the free classified has developed a huge online presence which has resulted in a successful robbery. A humor site and a Weird Al song.

It is free to post on and doesn’t charge successful sellers final commissions for sales.

However, it isn’t the most beautiful site on the internet and listings can sometimes appear to be a little on the ugly side.

Other Local Sites

  • hoobly.com
  • ebay.com

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UK: Gumtree


The second biggest ecommerce site in the UK after eBay. Gumtree has an absolutely massive audience in Britain and offers free classifieds to any UK resident that chooses to use them.

Some buyers complain that people who leave ads on this site are sometimes slow to respond however so you might want to develop a good reputation for being the fastest responder on the block if you can.

Other Local Sites

  • ebay.co.uk
  • autotrader.co.uk for anything car related

Australia: Sell My stuff

sell my stuff

An Australian site that has been online for over a year Sell My Stuff operates a little different from it’s Aussie internet brethren by letting people put up classified listings for a monthly fee.

Presently it charges its sellers $15 to list as many items on their site for 30 days with a free storefront being thrown in the bargain.

This could be to get a little bit more of a corner on the online auction market in Australia as it can get very competitive.

Other Local Sites

  • auctionbidz.com.au/
  • eBay.com.au
  • oztion.com.au

For other Australian auction sites check out our complete list of eBay alternatives

New Zealand: Trademe


This quite possibly is the best known ecommerce site in New Zealand and it is rumored that a quarter of the population has a trademe account.

Listings are free and enhancement fees aren’t too bad. Final fees for successful options range from 6.9% for items under $150 to NZ$71 and 1.9% for items over $1500.

Other Local Sites

  • Happysheep.co.nz
  • oneway.co.nz

Brazil: Mercado Libre

mercado libre

This Spanish and Portuguese only meta ecommerce portal is eBay’s exclusive South American partner.

Sellers on this site sometimes complain that there is a lack of protection against bad buyers and that first-time buyers and buyers with bad ratings can still bid on expensive items. They also say the site doesn’t mediate or claim any responsible for business carried out on the site and will not completely refund fees for sales made to non-paying buyers.

The auction site has classifieds, shops and traditional options. For auctions it charges sellers a 1% listing fee and 4.99% commission and for classifieds ads it charges a 9.99% commission on sales.

Other Local Sites

  • mercadodeventas.com/
  • arremate.com/

India: ClickIndia Classifieds


Click India has made a big impact on the Indian online scene even though it is something of a new player.

Classifieds are free to place, have five pictures set per classified and will stay up for 30 days.

ther Local Sites

  • shopping.rediff.com/shopping/index.html
  • ebay.in/

Germany: Hood


A fairly big German alternative site which offers, auctions, classifieds and storefronts.



Njuskalo (which roughly translates to ‘sniffer’ in English) is a free classified site that started up in 2007 in Croatia and has gained a considerable amount of ground since. You can have up to 10 photos on listings and the site makes it easy to renew and change ecommerce listings.

You can check out the site for yourself by copying and pasting njuskalo.hr into your web browser.

These are just a few of the local sites available in just a handful of countries. So there’s nothing stopping you from getting out there, checking out the wide number of eBay alternatives available and bringing your trade horizons a little closer to home.

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Author xlxmarketing 15.7.2009. | 20:42
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