Cheap Digital Cameras Or Phone Cameras: Understanding Your Options

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.7.2014. | 09:54

What camera will work best for you? Cheap digital cameras that won’t break the bank? Action cameras that can work well despite a lot of shaking? Deluxe single-lens reflex cameras for absolute precision? Or simple cell phones that can be pulled out in a pinch? The following considerations will help you determine whether affordable digital cameras or their more expensive counterparts will best suit your needs:

cheap digital cameras

Cell Phones With Cameras

A lot of modern cellphones come with cheap digital cameras built into the system. These platforms are great for the casual photographer that loves snapping pictures on impulse occasions without being burdened by the bulk of an extra device. You could conveniently pull out your phone from your pocket and snap a picture of the landscape, yourself or your friends if you so desire.

The problem, however, is that cell phones typically come with low-cost cameras that are not ideal at capturing crystal-clear images. Some higher-end models compensate for this with better cameras, but the fact remains that cell phones don’t have a lot of space for the more complicated parts that give dedicated digicams their power.

Cheap Digital Cameras

Aka mirrorless digital cameras aka point-and-click cameras, these are the most common types of dedicated digicams out on the market. They are relatively inexpensive, very easy to use and have lots of space dedicated for more advanced features like optical zoom, auto focusing and LCD framing. These factors are what make them very popular for casual photographers.

The downside is that there is very little room for real-time adjustment of photo capture properties. Many cheap digital cameras also don’t have the same quality of optics as their more expensive counterparts, especially since serious photographers need more control over how their photos will turn out. This is where SLR cameras come into the picture.

SLR Cameras

Single-lens reflex cameras (along with their digital counterparts) are the cream of the crop when it comes to photography. The huge image sensors produce crystal-clear pictures with very little grain along with multiple zoom settings and the ability to manipulate depth of field. If you demand quality and are willing to learn how to work with your camera, then SLR cameras are a great investment.

The problem, however, is that SLR cameras are prohibitively expensive and require a lot of training to utilize their capabilities. Even if you could afford the money to buy SLRs, these will end up being glorified budget cameras if you don’t put in the time to learn and practice using it.

Action Cameras

Action cameras fill their own unique little niche. Unlike most cheap digital cameras, these action cameras are designed to take a serious beating while producing picture-perfect images. This is because the software and the hardware are able to compensate for motion that would cause images to blur in other lesser cameras. The components are also tough as nails; allowing the camera to survive a whole host of hostile environments from constantly being jarred about to being dunked in very salty seawater.
These action cameras are, of course, more expensive than cheap digital cameras without possessing the customizability and control of SLR cameras. This makes action cameras feasible only for capturing excellent first-person perspectives in sporting events.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.7.2014. | 09:54
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