China Warehouse Process Explained: A Walk Through Chinavasion QC

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A video slideshow of what happens in the China warehouse facility at Chinavasion.
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Chinavasion?

Would you like to know the journey a product takes, from the time we get it in from our suppliers to the time it is shipped out to you?

Essentially, Chinavasion follows a finely-tuned, well managed system of inventory and control to make sure that you get the exact item you want:

  • Quickly
  • In perfect working order
  • In the exact color and style that you ordered.
  • With all the features and accessories you ordered

The last thing we want to do is to ship you the wrong product, the wrong color, or ship you a “Similar” product by mistake.

To do this we need to make sure the China warehouse system is always running smoothly.

china warehouse
Here how the process works:

The factories put product through their own QC process before sending the goods to us.

We receive product from the factory (we order 2 months of stock at a time!) and one of our expert receiving clerks checks the packaging, quantity and certification of delivered materials.

After it’s verified, the product is moved to a QC test station

At the QC test station, product is tested for reliability, performance, materials, battery life, screen quality, appearance and box quality.

If those all pass muster it and meets all our internal pre-stock standards for that product.

Our internal product wiki system allows each QC expert to see detailed pictures and performance specifications that each cataloged product must meet and accessories each item must have.

If everything is OK then all of our goods are put into our warehouse system, ready to be sent out to fulfill your orders.

Only at this is a product put into our computer system as “Stock Inventory” which means the product shows as available on our website and can be sent out to fulfill your orders.

But does every company follow the same process, and go to the same lenghts, that we do?

Unfortunately, no.

Most wholesale companies in China, especially some of those listing many thousands of products on their webpage, do not bother stocking or performance testing any products.

Those companies are simple middlemen. They even list products on their websites that have not been produced for 3 years and have gone out of stock, making them unavailable to you and your customers.

So, how do you tell the good guys from the bad?

It can often be done by asking just a few choice questions, like:

  • Do you store your product in a warehouse?
  • What type of QC testing do you do?

Be wary of anybody who says they use the JIT inventory method.

This really means they do not have the product, they need to order it from the manufacturer.

So not only will it take a while to get your product, but since it is being rushed it may not work properly, or may be substituted with another “similar” style or color than what you wanted.

A worst case scenario may be that the companies never give the product the second QC test to make sure you are getting a good quality product that is guaranteed to work when it arrives at you, or your customers door.

So that is what happens when we get the item into our warehouse. But what is the process we follow when you order something and we ship it out to you.

For that you can watch the video above, or click on this link that looks at how our China warehouse works.

china warehouse

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.7.2009. | 15:05
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    I live in Nigeria and i will like visit your warehouse . Is this possible?
    I will appreciate a speedy response to my request thankyou.

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    Good day !!!! I have only used my Pocket Projector for a few months. I recently turned it off before going to work, the next time I tried to use the projector it was a very expensive TORCH. it seems to have lost the OS, is there any way for me to restore the OS on the projector.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated
    Iain Cairns

  3. Shirley October 10, 15:45

    We will contact you shortly

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