The Sleeping Bear: Why Russia Is The New Market For Cheap Digital Cameras

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.7.2014. | 10:37

Anyone in the business of reselling cheap digital cameras must always be on the lookout for emerging markets. Asia and South America have always been the darlings of emerging markets, consuming budget cameras like crazy for the past decades. Competition, however, has become fierce in recent years with big-name companies stepping in with their manufacturing and marketing clout.

This is where Russia and low-cost cameras come into the picture.

cheap digital camera selling in russia

Why Russia?

Russia is a massive consumer base that is largely ignored by other countries largely because there was no infrastructure in place to facilitate e-commerce. Not only was Russia’s population cut off from the Internet, but it used to be very expensive to deliver anything into many parts of Russia, especially since most of its territory is land-locked and lacking in effective transportation.

Yet today is a new dawn for Russia. The country is expected to develop its IT infrastructure to the point where about 80 million people will be connected to the Internet – making it well on its way to become the largest base for Internet users in Europe. This is at least according to Russian search engine company Yandex. Not only that, but the delivery of items like cheap digital cameras via the Internet will be made easier thanks to the interest of the major e-retailers Amazon, eBay and Alibaba to set up shop in the region. Germany’s Ozon Group, however, has already taken a head start in facilitating e-commerce in the region. This means you can already set up shop without waiting for the aforementioned e-retailer giants to establish their operations in Russia.

And then there’s the simple tidbit about how the Russia of today has a growing appetite for cheap digital cameras – especially dashcams. These dashcams have become an essential tool for fighting the once prominent issue of insurance scams. The scammers have let up a bit after motorists started investing in dashcams, but the prevalence of dashcams have indirectly created a Russian subculture of sharing photos and videos.

Establishing Your Business in Russia

If you want to establish a name for yourself selling cheap digital cameras in Russia, then you need to know what kind of affordable digital cameras will ‘click’ with the locals. Mirrorless digital cameras are a must as these models keep costs (and subsequently the prices) down to more manageable levels. Finding weatherproofed cameras that can withstand snow and significantly low temperatures could be a significant selling point as well. This toughness will set apart your dedicated digicams from the ones that come with smartphones, especially since the latter is much more expensive and fragile than the former.

Of course you need to learn Russian in order to effectively communicate with potential buyers of your cheap digital cameras, but you need to learn what kind of online services the locals like to work with. Yandex is the predominant search engine in Russia, which means you must learn how to advertise with it instead of traditional Western search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, on the other hand, are the Russian counterparts of Twitter and Pinterest.

You will need to be especially attentive to marketing your cameras on Yandex. It operates with the same scope, influence and pervasiveness as Google – except that Yandex holds a virtual monopoly in Russia. You simply will not be able to push your products to the Russian populace if you do not know how to market and optimize your site according to Yandex’s specifications.

Oh, and one last thing – you may want to consider expanding your business and selling cheap affordable digital cameras designed for security and surveillance as well. Russia has traditionally been a very security-conscious country, especially with escalating internal threats. This – combined with the earlier points – will help you establish yourself as an authority of cheap digital cameras before other retailers clue into the massive potential that Russia possesses!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.7.2014. | 10:37
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