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Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.7.2009. | 16:52


Wholesale products from China can make excellent free gifts when you buy them in bulk.

By Michael Wong

If your business is selling cell phones or other electronics you will know how difficult it can be sometimes to lift yourself above the pack.

But how would you like to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your chances of making a sale in the process, even with items that are, supposedly 10 or 20 dollars more expensive than your competitors’ listings?

Often the best way to increase the chances of making a sale is to give your customers something a little extra for free.

People love to get ‘free’ stuff, even though we all know it’s not actually free… the charge of the extra items are usually built into the sale price of expensive item!

But this doesn’t mean the cell phone isn’t a lot more attractive from a psychological standpoint.

You’ve created an incentive, an impetus, an irresistible motivating force for your customers to buy the phone.

So where will you get all this amazing stuff that costs so little but can do so much?

If you’d like to take this step to increase your online or bricks and mortar store sales, you can buy the accessories in bulk from Chinavasion.

For bricks and mortar stores the process is simple. Just make your usual bulk orders of wholesale electronics and, before you send them out, or put them on your shelves you just include the extra accessories.

Things can get a little bit more complicated with resellers who use a drophshipping supply chain management system, but if you let customers know that the extra item will be shipped separately from the main item then you can follow the same plan.

Just buy the item in bulk from us, put it into storage somewhere around the house, and then send it directly to your customers with a note to tell them that the main item will be sent to them separately.

And what type of things can you offer as incentives.

Lets say, for example you were selling our Quad Band Touchscreen Flip-Phone w/ Dual SIM, TV, Accelerometer (CVDQ-M43) you could package it with:

Free Gift Suggestions

Quad Band Touchscreen Flip-Phone w/ Dual SIM, TV, Accelerometer

  • Portable Instant Cell Phone Battery Charger
  • 2GB MicroSD - TF Card with SD Card Slot Adapter
  • Mobile Phone Blocking Bag
  • Solar Battery Charger for Phones, Cameras, USB Devices

The system works just as well if you are selling car DVD players, MP4 players or solar products and LED lights.

So look through our extensive range of wholesale products and see if there isn’t some way that you can boost your sales and increase your bottom line profits.

You will be surprised how quick and easy it is.

buy in bulk

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.7.2009. | 16:52
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  1. Milton July 10, 11:53

    Those are some good ideas and they actually work like making combos, lets say a mp4 and a “free” memory card. Great article Michael keep it up!

  2. george July 15, 14:18

    It would be a weird seller that gave a free cell phone as a gift. I suppose that day will come though when they are all but disposable and our “real” devices are all implanted

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