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Starting up a Wholesale Electronics reseller business can be difficult if you’re sending items to countries like Brazil and Greece.

If you have or you want to start an online electronic shop in Greece you know how much of a nightmare it can be to get goods into the country.

Even though you have done your best to get things to your shop/storage facility smoothly and economically there is a good chance you have to pay high import duties every time you receive a parcel.

It’s either that or the item stays in the custom shed for weeks on end while the customer sends email after irate email.

So how can you help make your, or your customer’s, importing experience more pleasant and make your bottom line look a little bit better at the same time?

One method which might make packages get shipped to you and your customer faster and make things a lot more economic for you is to ship by EMS.

This is easy to do, just hit the shipping company option link in the checkout:


And you will be able to select EMS from the shipping options.

If your order quantity is too large – over 20kg – we will send by courier and discuss with you personally before sending to ensure the delivery is how you want it. In that case we will usually ship with the courier you have selected in the checkout.

Outside of choosing the best shipping method what else can you do to get things through customs?

In many cases very little else. Here at Chinavasion always very careful to ensure that shipping orders are optimized to cut through the red tape and get to the people that matter most, you and your customers.

However, always helps to do a little reading and keep up to date on various Greek tax laws at the official Greek customs website and other trade information sites.

And if you have any questions/issues regarding your current shipment please contact us at support email.

Get ready for a smooth delivery!

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Want some more information about shipping: Here are 3 Tips Guaranteed To Get Your Goods Through Customs Unscathed

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Author xlxmarketing 6.7.2009. | 16:25
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