Resellers, Stock Up On Hot Sellers To Avoid DSR Christmas Grinch

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.7.2009. | 11:20

Bulk up on Christmas Stock

Bulking up on hot wholesale products could make the difference between a good Christmas and a bad Christmas.
Every holiday season represents an incredibly sweet and sour experience for resellers and everybody who sells items online.

Everybody has flooded shops and ecommerce sites and is spending money to get gifts for the ones they love.

And when it comes to shopping online consumers generally maintain the standards they have set all year: stock must be available, turnaround times must short, service delivery must be consistent and woe betide the retailer that does not respect the customers wishes (just ask anybody who has received negative feedback on eBay).

The reality for resellers and dropshippers is those aren’t easy targets to meet.

Shipping and turnaround times can be pretty terrible during the traditionally busy times at Christmas, Chinese New Year, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and, yes, even Valentines Day.

This can hit an online reseller pretty hard when it comes to seller reputation but it is even worse for eBay resellers and powersellers whose listing discounts are directly tied to how fast they can get the item from their stores to their consumer.

This is even more important given eBay’s June changes, which includes a Box for specific items which is based on a combination of price, shipping, strong sales and feedback.

So how do you make the most of the Christmas season, while still maintaining your good reputation online?

The answer is to buy hot-selling items in bulk to build up a ‘resource’ of items you know will sell out during this time so that you’re not caught short by shipping delays.

By stockpiling and buying in bulk in advance, you not only save money via additional discounts but also ensure that, importantly, you maintain momentum as a seller, whether you are a small reseller just starting their online business or a major, established Powerseller.

Your business will not miss a beat and your customers will continue to be happy with the great service and competitively priced products you offer.

And, as you are only stocking up on popular products it won’t take up too much of your spare space.

This lies at the very core of a great customer relationship management system. Consistent service which surpasses the expectations of your loyal customers and makes you stand apart from your competitors.

Another benefit of building up a stock pile is that it allows you to increase your Chinavasion discount level faster.

By buying in large quantities, you therefore ensure that you maximize your bottom line by reducing your overall costs to the bare minimum, maintain sales velocity at all times of the year by planning ahead and anticipating properly and by adopting a long term view of how your online business develops.

So don’t wait. Take a look at your sales figures now, identify your top sellers and start building up a resource of your top sellers by buying them in bulk from Chinavasion.

Your customers will thank you for the shorter shipping times and your business will blossom.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.7.2009. | 11:20
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