June’s Five Hottest Gadgets For Resellers

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The hottest wholesale deals for June at Chinavasion.com.
Summer’s here, and Chinavasion is rolling out hot new products every day for our favorite people in the whole wide world: you, our wonderful customers!

Here are the five hottest items that we added in June!


CVBJ-K35 HSDPA Wireless USB Modem for Laptops



HSDPA Wireless USB Modem for Laptops
Imagine being able to access wireless internet on your laptop, not just in your local cafe, but anywhere you go: in the park, on the bus, and any room of any house.

This 3.5G capable HSPDA USB modem offers high-speed wireless connectivity for Windows laptops and netbooks on HSDPA networks, as long as you’ve got a SIM card for a HSDPA network, and you’re using the modem inside the network.

With download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, you can enjoy browsing the internet, emailing your friends, and chatting online, all at speeds comparable to public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Of course, this modem is also compatible with 3G, 2.5G, and 2G networks. Connect to the internet on high-speed tri-band UMTS networks or drop back to quad-band GSM / EDGE networks.






CVGI-E28 Multimedia Projector with DVD Player + TV + HDMI + Games



Multimedia Projector with DVD Player + TV + HDMI + Games
This Multimedia Projector offers an unbeatable mix of multimedia functionality, high quality video projection, a built-in region-free DVD player, analog TV, and motion games.

Compatible with HDMI, S-Video and AV connections and capable of projecting crystal clear images up to 2 meters tall, this projector is a perfect substitute for more expensive plasma TVs.

This amazing projector is equally adept at helping you deliver the perfect presentation at the workplace or captivating your whole family at home.


Multimedia Projector with DVD Player + TV + HDMI + Games




CVIO-CS20 5 Inch Portable Touch Screen GPS Navigator – Bluetooth (Black)



5 Inch Portable Touch Screen GPS Navigator - Bluetooth Black
Having trouble finding your destination? Pick up this portable GPS navigator and you’ll never get lost again.

This 5 inch touch screen GPS has all the powerful GPS functions you have come to expect, including spoken directions, night mode, 3D mapping, and automatic route re-tracking if you take a wrong turn.

This device’s Bluetooth lets you make hands-free calls while you drive, so you can keep in touch and find your destination safely at the same time.

This GPS device is also a fully functioning 5-inch portable media player (PMP) that supports a wide range of audio and video formats. Pick up one today to see for yourself!


5 Inch Portable Touch Screen GPS Navigator - Bluetooth Black




CVIX-G67 Skype VoIP USB + Landline (2-in-1) SkypeDECT Hub



Skype VoIP USB Landline 2-in-1 SkypeDECT Hub
SkyDECT is an amazing little device that lets you consolidate all your VoIP phone calls into your landline phone, so you can make and receive VoIP calls right on your landline phone!

When you receive a Skype In call, your landline phone rings. When you want to dial a Skype Out call, you can dial either on your computer screen or on the phone itself.

And of course, you can call all your friends through Skype right on your regular cordless or wired landline phone, allowing you to make and receive cheap calls from anywhere in your home or office.

Pick up a SkyDECT to give your home or small office an added level of convenience and greater cost-savings.


Skype VoIP USB Landline 2 in 1 SkypeDECT Hub




CVDQ-M43 Quad Band Touchscreen Flip-Phone w/ Dual SIM, TV, Accelerometer



Quad Band Touchscreen Flip-Phone w/ Dual SIM TV Accelerometer
This quad band dual SIM cell phone twists and turns like no phone you’ve seen before.
Open the clam shell screen and navigate with the vibrant 2.8 inch touchscreen. Flip the touchscreen around 180 degrees and lay it flat with the body of the phone.

You’ve just transformed this clam shell design flip cell phone into an iPhone-like tablet phone. How cool is that?

You want features? How about a digital camera, video recorder, video player, audio player, analog TV, and FM radio.

Flick your wrist and the accelerometer motion sensor lets you change your wallpaper, switch mp3s, and even cycle through SMS messages.

This amazing phone has it all!


Quad Band Touchscreen Flip-Phone w/ Dual SIM TV Accelerometer



These are only a few of the hot new wholesale electronics over at Chinavasion so visit it and see if you can pick what the hot sellers will be for July?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.7.2009. | 10:36
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    Nice webpage … and many products got my attention and more …
    For the phones though i am a bit dissapointed on the camera feature for resolution … 5MP and more … and for Greek language feature … some they have as i have senn.

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    I really liked all the gadget displayed. Would like a wholesale book to order.

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