LED Strips For Interior Design

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.6.2014. | 16:55

Want to create a really cool feature at home then you can with LED strip lights. Put them in your kitchen or bathroom where task lighting in multiple areas is needed and if they are weatherproof then outside your home to really bring the effect. For installation, these thin strips of tiny LED lights usually come with an adhesive backing. This type of LED lighting is not only easy to install, but it is also extremely energy-efficient and adaptable.

LED strip lights are often available in different colored strips and there are more often than not options for the color of the light itself, ranging from warm white to cool white or even RGB color-changing as it all depends on which kind you buy. These days, many interior designers and DIY homeowners are now realizing the versatility and expediency of LED strip lights.

When it comes to adding drama to a room by creating visual interest, then LED strips are ideal for creating accent lighting. Accent lighting is used to draw the eye to specific areas or objects such as houseplants, paintings and other prized possessions as part of an interior design scheme. Due to the LED strip light design it is ideal when installed into bookshelves, under cabinets or inside coves as they can be easily tucked away, therefore leaving targeted areas awash in light to aid in task work or highlight architectural features. An additional fashionable application for LED strip lights is to be used as under-cabinet lighting, which illuminates work surfaces in the kitchen as well as vanities and mirrors in the bathroom. In bathrooms and washrooms, LED strip lights can be tucked behind mirrors, under cabinets, above a tray ceiling and under the toe-kick to leave targeted areas awash in light and highlight architectural features.

Other reasons for why LED strip lights are popular are because most are dimmable, making them an energy-efficient and money-saving alternative when compared with other lighting. Dimming is a great element for adding depth and dramatic impact to your space as it creates different layers of light.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.6.2014. | 16:55
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  1. Khajil Alajari September 25, 21:20

    Great Post, LED strip lights are the best use of your interior design & it’s a better look your home. Thanks to share it LED strip lights use for interior design.

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