How To Become a Doogee Smartphone Reseller With Zero Investment

Author Dragan Berak 22.5.2014. | 11:12

Doogee smartphones are becoming popular. Since Chinavasion is a wholesale site, many entrepreneurs have asked us about how to become a reseller of Doogee smartphones. This article explains you step by step how you can become a reseller of this rising China brand, and even better: how to do it without investing a single Dollar! Discover how you can focus on selling, and how Chinavasion can take care of your orders and ship it directly to your customer.


Step 1: eBay Registration

The first thing you should do is to decide on a market place in which you would like to sell Doogee phones. eBay is the best place to start as it the largest market place online that allows you to sell big volume. Registration for an eBay account is as easy as creating a Gmail account. You can visit this link to get started: Getting Started Selling on eBay


Step 2: Choose how you like to receive money

Once you got your eBay account you have to select how you would like your customers to pay you. PayPal is usually the best way to get started, as you don’t have to pay a single dollar until you have made a sale (remember: our goal is to let you make money with zero investment). To create a PayPal account you can visit this page: PayPal

For more details about payment method visit this link: eBay Payment Methods


Step 3: Create a Chinavasion Wholesale Account

Chinavasion doesn’t only provide you the lowest prices for Doogee phones, but we also provide all the content you need to start selling on eBay, such as images and descriptions. This means that you don’t have to hire copy writers and photographers. You can list our content right away and start selling! To do that, you need to first register for an account on our site: Register Account Now


Step 4: List our Products on eBay

Once you are done, you are ready to sell. Simply list our images and descriptions of the products on eBay! You will soon get your first order! Here’s how it works:

dropshipping workflow

So basically once you get paid by your customer, you can place the order on our website, and we will ship it directly to your customer. Of course, we will not mention Chinavasion, and the customers will keep ordering from you.


Benefits of working with Chinavasion

The benefit of this way of doing business online with Chinavasion are the following:

  1. It’s free. There are no fixed charges from eBay, PayPal or Chinavasion. This means you don’t require any investment.
  2. Chinavasion deals with the suppliers, controls quality and ships the goods for you. You focus only on selling.
  3. No Minimum Quantity Required: while most wholesale websites requires you to buy in bulk. Chinavasion offers wholesale prices starting from one piece. In addition, the more you sell the better the prices become. Read more here: VIP Benefits
  4. Worldwide shipping & one day dispatch: Chinavasion ships worldwide and because all our products online are in stock we are able to dispatch it within a day. Your customer will receive the goods in 2-4 days with express shipping or 10-20 days when shipping by cheaper airmail.
  5. Excellent support: when you have any questions about reselling, Chinavasion is ready to help you with our 24/7 live chat support as well as email support.

Good luck! Have any questions? Leave a message below!


Chinavasion’s Doogee Phones Catalog

Chinavasion is an official wholesaler of Doogee brand phones, checkout all the phones that we offer: Doogee phones

Author Dragan Berak 22.5.2014. | 11:12
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  1. emeka ekwenuya May 22, 13:45

    So good to be true.

  2. norberto andrade June 27, 20:51

    I would like to know, if you guys give the tracking number on the same day, because the eBay policy we have to provide the tracking number to our client. Let me know. Thank you.

  3. SamLin July 4, 09:40

    Hi Norberto. Most orders are processed within 1 working day, which means that you will receive the tracking number within 1 working day. This does not mean it’s always on the same day though. Our cut-off time is 3PM, so all orders that come in before 3PM local time, will be processed on the same day. However, if it’s after 3PM we can’t guarantee processing. Also in the weekend, we don’t process orders, neither do our logistics partners.

  4. norberto andrade July 5, 20:38

    Ok. I have other question. And if I have some customer with problems with the items or if the cellfone is not working or if the items are broken something like this. Can the customer return the item? Let me know. Thank you.

  5. Shirley July 10, 09:39

    Yes we have 12 month warranty for each product. But you need to contact our customer service for nay product problems first before returning. Thanks.

  6. Marco January 20, 16:05

    Hi guys,
    good concept, but I would need more informations to try. Also, ebay is no long the best option to sell in europe, i would say it is amazon. is there also a possibility? I already have a professional seller account on amazon. thank you for answering

  7. James Mash January 23, 17:35

    Hi Marco,
    Thank you for the feedback. In order to answer all you question in detail would you please be so kind as to contact our live support team. To do this visit our webpage and click on the live help option then we can provide all the details you require. Alternatively you can submit any questions via e-mail to our support team by visiting this page

  8. SamLin January 23, 17:54

    Hi Marco, we just asked for an answer from our support team. Basically you are able to sell our devices anywhere you want whether it’s on an online platform or in a local store, it’s all good. The idea that we want to express is that you could first make the sale, then you can let us ship. As long as you provide us with the shipping address, you can be assured we will process in a day!

  9. Marco Pop January 23, 19:09

    Hi Mr Samlin,
    Can you give me the delays for the clients to get their aticles home. How long should they wait? I send articles normaly to germany france luxemburg spain and portugal. Also you now difficulties of some countries to let articles from china cross their customs services. Not just for the taxes but mostly for the certification.
    Are there some articles where you can give me the CE certification?
    Thank you

  10. SamLin January 26, 16:35

    Hi Marco, for orders that only have a few pieces, no certifications will be required. For big orders, you can contact our customer support. We are able to provide all the documents including CE you require for safe importing. For shipping speed it takes normally 3-7 days for express shipping and 2-4 weeks for normal post.

  11. raztabob12 August 25, 14:15

    1) Is this feature still available to date?…

    2) Is this exclusive only on Doogee smartphones?…

    Thanks in advance!…

  12. James Mash August 25, 16:18

    Hi there,

    Yes, this Drop Shipping feature is still available, and its not limited to Doogee Smartphones, you can select any of the products on our website and start selling without having to stock inventory. All you need to do is visit the page and create an account, you can use all the marketing info from our webpage including product descriptions, specifications and photos.

    If you have any more questions please let me know

  13. Alexandros August 27, 03:41


    I have an Ebay and Chinavasion account. What do I have to do exactly tro become a reseller?

  14. James Mash August 29, 09:25

    Hi Alexandros,

    For more info on becoming a re-seller you can see the info here

    You can drop-ship the products or alternatively buy from us and stock your own e-commerce store. If you have any questions please contact us on our live-chat or by email at

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