Dropshipping? Bulk Up Your Accessories To Boost Profits!

Author xlxmarketing 26.6.2009. | 16:37

buy accessories in bulk
When it comes to ecommerce, customers want their products yesterday. When it comes to the replacement and additional accessories that come with the product they wanted them last week.

So how, as a reseller using a dropship service, can you best resolve this situation when the normal to and fro could extend that wait time for 5 -10 days?

Well, here is where buying accessories in bulk really pays off for resellers.

Let’s say you’re in UK and you have a customer in Germany that needs a replacement pair of earphones for his MP3 player. He’d also like to pay for an 8GB SD card to store loads of his media content in his MP3 player.

Normally it would take 5, 10 or 15 days for the order to pass from him, to you, to your reseller; and for your supplier to OK the order and then stick it in a box and send it on its way.

Anybody can see the problems in this process. You or your customer have to pay the original price for the same item, and still having to provide the same lead time as your drop shipper and pay additional shipping charges.

This is where you come in. As a reseller, stocking up on all sort of electronics accessories can prove very profitable for you.

The two main advantages of buying in bulk are:

    1. Discount savings on purchasing in bulk
    2. The ability to halve lead time
    3. Reduced shipping costs


So what type of ‘accessories’ should you consider stocking up on?

8GB SD Card2GB micro sd tf card

80cm mini USB to USB cableUniversal travel adapter

USB Car Charger HubUniversal AC/DC Smart Laptop Multi-Voltage Power Supply

external DVD Drive

  • USB cables
  • Headphones
  • Extra Memory
  • SD cards and memory cards
  • generic adapters and power chargers
  • generic Ni-CAD batteries
  • CD drivers

These hardly take up any space what so ever. You can use your garage, a couple of shelves, even the space underneath your bed.

Here’s an example: You purchase 500 pieces of 2GB micro SD cards, and they all fit in an envelope. This envelope can easily be stored in your cupboard or desk drawer. This is what I’d like to call free warehousing, and ZERO inconvenience on storage space.

So now, you don’t only have a guy in Germany that needs such products, but people all over Europe that are close to you, and they all want their accessories NOW.

This can all be possible and easy for you to do as a reseller that stocks up on consumer electronic accessories and wholesale computer accessories.

You buy in bulk, to give better prices for your customers, and you shorten the lead time which makes your customers very happy, the savings on shipping and the overall purchase can widen you profit margin and make you very happy as well.

Three days from your location, is a lot better than five, 10 or 15 days from the drop shippers location, which could be China or India.

As a reseller, the possibilities are endless, and you can start building a reputable customer database that puts trust in your service.

Your business in tern can become more profitable thanks to the over all savings on lead time and buying in bulk which gives you better savings on products and shipping.


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Author xlxmarketing 26.6.2009. | 16:37
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  1. Milton June 29, 09:31

    Hey this is such a good article actually many of the things Ali mentions here are quite true. Its incredible but one can make some good extra money just by selling accesories and spare parts for mobiles or mp4s.

    Great article!

  2. george July 7, 21:41

    The main picture is like “I saw a leprechaun springing out of the floor when I was working in the attic and fell backwards through the hatch in the floor”

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