Baby Monitors: Do I Really Need to Buy One?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.4.2014. | 14:23

The answer is yes, this blog will give you some tips on finding a useful baby monitor, and what are the features that you need to look out for if you’ve decided to buy one.

When do you need a baby monitor?

1. You need to do lots of chores
You really don’t have too much time cleaning the house if you look after your baby an entire day, but when he/she is taking a nap, you have time! So at this moment you are the busiest! Cleaning, cooking, looking after other kids etc. Under such circumstance, you really need one baby monitor to help you take care of your little one.

2. You have a big/long house.
Your house is so big that you have to run back and forth to check your baby every five minute, in this case, with a baby monitor, it saves a lot of time for you while you’re having a gardening in the backyard or hosting a barbecue outside.

3. For a priceless peace of mind
You can’t sleep well every night as you are worry about your baby if he/she is ok. When a baby monitor installed, it gives you a peace of mind that your baby’s still breathing as you sleep.

What to look for when selecting a baby monitor:

  • Sound range, sound quality and sensitivity
  • AV OUT: some monitors can be connected to TV or DVR for better views.
  • Option for both mains and battery power in both units – in case of blackout or if you want to use in the garden/camping etc.
  • Baby room temperature monitor – if you think it would be useful to know the temperature in baby’s room as well.
  • Display size and resolution.
  • Night vision functionality – some monitors has night vision so you can see your baby in the dark.
7 Inch Widescreen LCD, Night Vision Camera Baby MonitorBaby Monitor “Monitor Buddy” – Wireless, 7 Inch Widescreen LCD, Night Vision Camera
Wireless Baby Monitor -VOX, IR Night VisionWireless Baby Monitor -VOX, IR Night Vision
Night Vision Baby MonitorBaby Monitor – Night Vision, AV OUT, Flower Design, Pink
Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.4.2014. | 14:23
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  1. BabyLand October 26, 19:17

    Nice tips on choosing a quality baby monitor.

    I’ve also put together a detailed list of things that one should know before giving out his money in my baby monitor blog.

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