Watch Out Smartphones! This Time-Keeper Does Everything a Smartphone Does

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It won’t wear a hole in your pocket, or your wallet, but this Dual Core Android Smart Phone Watch with an MTK6577 1GHz CPU, 5 megapixel camera and OGS capacitive touch screen does everything you need a phone and a watch to do.

Check out the top 4 features below.

1. GSM SIM Card Slot – Choose Your Network!

To begin, insert a GSM SIM Card into the Dual Core Android Smart Phone Watch’s built-in slot, which will connect you to your preferred wireless network so you can make calls and browse the internet. Android 4.0 has a solid platform for you to customize settings, layouts, download apps and more. Use it to personalize the phone, making it your own.

sports camera with wifi remote control watch

2. Dual Core MTK6577 1GHz CPU

Powering the best smartwatch on the market – when comparing cost/value – is a dual core CPU that reaches speeds of up to 1GHz. This is enough power to keep lag times at bay, run the apps that you need and most of what you want as well. You can’t play Call of Duty on this smartwatch, but you could play Temple Run, write a report, watch a video, and take pictures – all multitasked, since the Android system is built for that kind of working.

minix neo x7

3. 5 Megapixel Camera

Speaking of pictures, did I forget to mention the 5 megapixel camera? That’s a step above a lot of 5 inch Smartphones in this price range. Despite this smartwatch’s size, it contains what you have come to expect in a phone – a camera that you can use to remember life, share life and communicate clearly via images.

quad core budget android phone

4. OGS Capacitive Touch Screen

All of these features are controlled via the OGS capacitive touch screen, which is sensitive, but not too sensitive. It won’t hold you back, just like the diminutive size of this high tech, futuristic phone.

flashlight powerbank charger


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.4.2014. | 11:19
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