What Kind of Power Bank Are You?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.3.2014. | 16:03

Sometimes people judge others based on things they buy. That’s isn’t super strange isn’t it? The phone you own says something about you? The pet you take care reflects somehow your personality. With power banks it’s the same thing. Discover what kind of person you are based on the power bank you own. You don’t have one yet? Then decide which one you should buy.

The Tech Addict – High capacity power banks

There are power banks out there that can charge your phone and other gadgets more than ten times. This kind of capacity is almost ridiculous as most of us don’t need that much power. However, it’s not about capacity, it’s about peace of mind. Tech Addicts, own the latest phones with high resolution screens, they shoot 4k with their Note 3 or full HD with their THL T200 or Meizu MX3. Besides there phone, they bring their tablet with them and possibly already own a smart phone such as the pebble watch or Tigon watch. Tech Addicts usually own a power bank with a capacity over 20,000 mAh. Below a few typical tech addict power banks are listed:

high capacity power bank

The Environmentalist – Solar Power Banks

Technology can make our lives more convenient, but the cool thing is that it can at the same time also save the planet. For those who care there are solar power banks! The sun provides us with an unlimited amount of power and it’s convenient as well since there are no cords. Just make sure you put it in a sunny place when you are not carrying it, and your have access to the power of the sun. Checkout a few cool ones below:

solar power bank from China

The Show Man – Multifunctional Power Banks

Some people like to do more with their power bank than just charging there phone. Take for instance this Xiaocai X6 phone that can be used as a 5000 mAh powerbank. Or this 6-in-1 Multifunctional Camping LED light including power bank function.Last but not least this Solar Flashlight Radio with Power Bank Function. Is it useful? Yes sometimes, but in reality this kind of gadgets are for people who like to impress others a.k.a. The Show Man camping led powerbank


The Zombie Attack Promotion 70% Discount

Yo, that’s it. Wanna checkout some other cool gadgets and enjoy up to 70% discount? Then checkout our Zombie Attack promotion below.

zombie attack gadget promotion

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.3.2014. | 16:03
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  1. Safan February 22, 20:31

    Thanks James for such a nice blog. I haven’t any idea of such kinds of power banks yet. I like the way you create a difference between different types of power banks. I personally prefer multinational power banks as it works for my PC, phone and laptop too. highly appreciated.

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