Top 5 Cool Gadgets 2014: Sports Camera with WiFi Remote Control Watch? (Week 12)

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.3.2014. | 09:34

We got so many cool gadgets during the last week that it was hard to make a good choice for this top 5. Are you ready to be blown away? Then, Check it out below.

1. GoPro Hero3+ Killer: Remote control your sports camera with WiFi and remote control watch!

This sports camera with WiFi is a GoPro Hero killer with its Panasonic 16 MP CMOS sensor and Ambarella A7L processor. Besides that, don’t forget the awesome watch that comes with it and the unbelievable price. This is the ultimate gadget for geeks that love to record their action and show off.

sports camera with wifi remote control watch

2. Top Spec Quad Core Android TV Box: The Minix NEO X7

What’s a TV box? Well it’s simply a device that can power up your TV with Android OS. Why is it useful? Well you don’t have to spend 3000 USD to buy a smart TV. With this TV box you can now enjoy Android entertainment at it’s best with a Quad core processor, 2G RAM, 16GB ROM, DLNA, Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a HDMI port. Checkout the details of this quad core TV box now! Oh, and don’t forget to also checkout this wireless air mouse to make the experience even better.

minix neo x7

3. World’s First Quad Core Phones for Below 100 USD

The title says enough doesn’t it? With a 5.3 Inch display, MTK6589 chip and 1.2 Ghz CPU and 8 MP camera this phone is selling at a killer price. What’s more? It comes in three colors. Checkout this budget quad core Android phone now and pick your favorite color.

quad core budget android phone

4. It’s a power bank. It’s a flash light. It’s a radio. It’s a phone charger. It’s AWESOME!

This is sick isn’t it? When we found this flashlight powerbank we were blown away buy the amazing functions it houses. This gadget is the ultimate gadget for this summer while you are travelling long distance or just having a short few day trip. It’s a pity though that it doesn’t charge all phone, but still, the other three functions make this low cost gadget worth your bucks. You don’t care much about all the functions but just want a high capacity powerrrr bank? Then check out this sweet 15,000 mAh power bank.

flashlight powerbank charger

5. Back Pack with Directional Signs + Speakers

Not just a LED backpack as you can see. How cool is it to blast your music while cycling and at the same time secure your safety by showing off those cool LED directional signs? Check it out and the price will surprise you even more.

backpack LED

That’s it, we hope you liked it. Want to checkout more cool stuff? Then have a look at our Zombie Attack promotion below:

discount electronics and gadgets

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.3.2014. | 09:34
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  1. Rob March 25, 09:50

    according to the pic, I assume that watch has live view feature, if that is the case it will be like Gropro specs + SONY action camera watch. definitely want to try one.

  2. SamLin March 25, 10:37

    Hi Rob, you are right! The live view feature is what makes this gadget special.

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