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By Michael Wong

My mom uses Skype.

I set it up for her. I wish I hadn’t. Not that I don’t love my mom. I do. It’s just that the only one she ever calls on Skype is me. At least six times per day.

There is a good chance you have used Skype or at least heard of it yourself.

Unless you just got back from a cryogenic sleep on Saturn or don’t hold with these newfangled ‘puters there is a good chance you have come across Skype in some way, shape or form.

In a nutshell, Skype is technology which allows you to make free telephone calls over the Internet. For example, if I am a Skype user and you are a Skype user then I can call your computer from my computer and talk to you for free.


At Chinavasion, we carry Skype products because we realize that the Internet isn’t going away any time soon and that technologies like Skype are dynamically changing our lives for the better every day.

At the time of writing we carry 17 different Skype accessories for our customers and their customers in turn. Do a search for “Skype” and you’ll see them all on one page.


So what exactly can we offer for Skype users?

Skype Headsets

The days where one computer headphones ruled them all are over and we have a range of computer headsets for every purpose for every type of Skype user.

We have headsets like the Online Gaming + VoIP Noise-Canceling Stereo Headphones [CVSDF-9299] which are designed especially for gamers (and are priced so competitively that computer accessory and computer resellers snap them up in record time), to the Comfortable Bluetooth Headset with High Response Boom Mic [CVEC-B02] meant for the office worker and call center employee.

We’ve even got something for the person that likes to Skype while they exercise, with the Flexible Bluetooth Headset – Sports + Leisure [CVSB-845-BLACK] you’re never out of options when it comes to enjoying your Skype experience.

And for people like to send out some pictures to go with the sound there’s a wide range of web cameras compatible with Skype too. Just click on the images to learn more about the products.

USB Webcam with Fan + Microphone + LED Lightposable sports robot webcam
Posable Dog Web CamPosable Dog Web Cam
Space Robot Web Cam

Skype Phones

There’s nothing like the familiar feeling of a handset or Skype Phone in your…hand…nestled to your ear, and talking with friends and family for hours and hours until…”oh would you look at the time, we’ve talked for three hours! This call is going to be expensive. Oh wait, no it’s not. It’s Skype and it’s free. Where were we?”

And here at Chinavasion has come to the party too. Whether it is in a mouse with the mouse Skype phone or embedded into the keyboard with the Flexible Keyboard with Skype Internet Phone (VOIP) you’re going to be able to get Skype at your desk without too many problems.

But not everybody wants to be tied to the computer. And, when the Skpe phone is sitting in your parents place/grandparents place how cool would it be if it could look like a cordless phone.

At Chinavasion we’ve got some great Skype Phones that do just that.

Skype VoIP USB Wireless Phone

I was the first one to test the CVFW-K21 Skype VoIP USB Wireless Phone and I was immediately enamored with its solid feel and call quality.

I particularly liked how the software sync’d my Skype contacts into the handset phone book. Then we got the CVFW-K21-BLACK Black Skype VoIP USB Wireless Phone in and that made me even happier.

But a couple of cooler Skype handsets have just hit our shelves. Phones that don’t only work with Skype they work with your normal phone too.

Skype VoIP USB Wireless + Landline Phone (2-in-1)Skype VoIP USB + Landline (2-in-1) SkypeDECT Hub

The first is the Skype VoIP USB Wireless + Landline Phone (2-in-1) CVHJ-M34, which I absolutely love.

Not only does this take land line calls and Skype calls at the same time it imports Skpye contacts into the phone and shows them up on its LCD screen.

Another option we have just added is the Skype VoIP USB + Landline (2-in-1) SkypeDECT Hub CVIX-G67. You just need to plug your computer USB into one port and your land line into another and your old phone will take land line calls.

So if you’re not using Skype already what are you waiting for. Your relatives and distant friends will be thanking for you making the move, especially if they use one of the cool Skype headsets or Skype phones to make their calling experience more pleasant.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.6.2009. | 18:46
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