The Evolution of China Electronics!

Author xlxmarketing 20.3.2014. | 11:05

China Electronics is probably a term that no more than five years ago would have most people turning away in disgust or may resulted in a sarcastic gesture about the quality and rightly so as Chinese manufacturers historically never had the best reputation. Since Deng Xiaoping open up the gates to Chinese manufacturing in the late 1970s, the industry in the Middle Kingdom grew and with a huge population, the workers were their most popular resource.

China’s neighbors to the East have had huge success with electronics as South Korea have produced well known and internationally used brands such as LG and Samsung, while Japan’s brands have always done well since post war production began so maybe it is time for China? China and the Chinese will happily remind people about their 5000 year old civilization, even though they will later mention that they are still developing when a social embarrassment occurs. Known for copying, China was once great inventors and some of these inventions are still used today such as the compass, gunpowder, papermaking and printing so why can’t China invent something new today without copying the competition? In 2008, Beijing hosted the Olympics, this year China launched a robotic rover known as ‘Yutu’ to the moon (Okay, I know it broke down), but it shows China is becoming a force to reckon with.

Now back to electronics that are made in China. Chinese manufacturers are growing and are becoming more dominating in the market and are either purchasing or cooperating with foreign companies. Huawei, a China’s most powerful telecommunications group has started developing their own smartphones, which are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Lenovo is a computer branded company that bought technology from IBM and have been designing some modern and cool laptops showing that China has a creative side too. China is starting to attract foreign talent as former Google Android Executive Hugo Barra has joined popular mobile phone start-up company, Xiaomi. However there are many Chinese companies that are building their own brand and have only started in the last few years, most of them build smartphones or tablets as there is a big demand for that as well as car DVD players and some novelty stuff too. Many of these Chinese companies sell their products through their own websites, while also use more popular online wholesales to collect more sales.

Chinavasion is a wholesaler of China electronics and has a vast selection of Chinese branded and non-branded devices including products by ZTE, thl, Zopo, E-Ceros amongst others from China. Most of these companies are serious about many a dent in the smartphone market so they follow the rules and don’t take short-cuts, which China was renowned for doing. They used licensed version of Android’s operating system as well as real processor units and other parts that are even used by the international competitors. China is making its products to not only seduce the domestic market but also to make them compatible in the international scene by using familiar operating systems, using familiar designs while adding their own touch and elements.

China has slowly reduced its image as the work-bench of the world and now pushing back to its ancient roots as innovators and inventers, especially in the electronics industry. In the future, China electronics will be looked on as something to be proud of and maybe the whole “Made In China” thing will be something of that in the past.

Author xlxmarketing 20.3.2014. | 11:05
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  1. David Griffith March 22, 09:33

    I like my CEROS REVOLUTION…. Took a long time to get here, but it was worth the wait. I wish I could start a business here. You’re tablets and cell phones put Apple products to shame! Your prices cannot be beat anywhere!

  2. SamLin March 25, 10:38

    Thanks David, btw did you know Ceros changed its name to E-Ceros? They are planning for big expansion so they had to go with a name that could be registered internationally.

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