Flappy Bird Flaps Away

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.2.2014. | 15:25

Flappy Bird… “What the Hell is that?” you may be thinking or you might be already in the know about this mobile phone gaming app where you play the role of a bird. “What does this bird?” I hear you ask, besides annoying people and turning them psychotic, it is actually an addictive app game where the user must tap the screen repeatedly to make this bird stay afloat. “Sounds easy and boring” I hear you say, well, there is the small case of Super Mario-ese green pipes that create a gap big enough for the bird to pass, however the slightest touch of a surface or object causes this bird to fall unconscious and cause it to be game over. Every set of pipes you avoid is worth one point, simple? No levels, no difficulty, just flap along trying to fit through the gap. It does not sound as much fun as World of Warcraft or Fall-out, but many people may require rehab to help them get over this game as it is almost as addictive as heroin.


Here is the sad part and makes me pity members of the human race. The creator of this game is a Vietnamese chap called Dong Nguyen and he made Flappy Bird a year or so ago where it was available for free download for either iPhone or Android users. If you notice in that last sentence I used the term ‘was available’ because this game is no longer free to download. Dong Nguyen put out a Tweet he was taking the game down over pressure from fans, the media and businesses all wanting to flap some more with Flappy the bird. Dong Nyguyen stood by his promise and took the game down so no new members were able to download it. Maybe the threat of fame caused Dong Nyguyen to become a mad man and he noticed what happen to people like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and he wanted none of that. Fans are still craving this game and are willing to buy it off Dong Nyguyen, who at one point was making nearly $50,000 a day. There are users that still have the game on their phones and are willing to sell it on ebay for large amounts where people are bidding to purchase these phones that still host the Flappy Game. One of these phones was going for thousands; maybe it was a joke because if it was serious then I really lost hope for the human race.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.2.2014. | 15:25
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  1. tyleea February 22, 02:31

    they should put it back up

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