Bargains of The Year: The Best 5 GPS Tracking Systems For Under 100USD

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.1.2014. | 17:34

The GPS tracking systems of today are a lot more affordable than they used to be back in the day. Advances in manufacturing technology have cut down the costs of GPS tracking devices well below the 100 USD mark, even down to as little as 45 USD.

If you are on the lookout for GPS tracking systems under 100 USD, then you will definitely want to keep an eye out for these particular pieces:

GPS CaR Tracker

eZoom Portable GPS Locator (55-99 USD)

This particular line of GPS locators comes with its own car installation kit as well as a pouch for added resistance to water. These options make it much easier to set up, while its battery can last up to 21 days without a recharge if it will only update its location once a day. It is, however, limited to areas with T-mobile coverage. Without T-mobile coverage, you will need to search a much wider area in order to find the tracker.

Children’s Mobile Phone (40-65 USD)

This piece is a pretty decent device to help kids that find themselves in emergency purposes. First and foremost is the SIRF III GPS receiver that allows parents to keep track of their children as long as they keep this colorful gadget near themselves. Up to five preset phone numbers can be loaded into the phone, with an additional SOS slot that will simultaneously send out a text message with GPS coordinates showing you where the child texted you from. It even has a voice monitoring feature that lets you listen in during emergencies.

5Star Urgent Response (40-50 USD)

This particular line of GPS tracking systems is another SOS device designed to help individuals – especially children and the elderly – in case of an emergency. The best feature of the 5Star is the ability to immediately call up a crisis professional if the SOS button is pressed. This professional will then instruct the individual on what to do, which is a pretty handy feature to have when you get lost or figure into an accident.

Real-Time Tracker (60-75 USD)

This line of GPS tracking systems is designed to take a lot of punishment, capable of operating in temperatures between 60 to -25 degrees Celsius and in environments with 5 to 95% non-condensing humidity. This tiny piece can send you its coordinates via text message. You can even monitor the tracker’s location via the Internet as long as you set up a fixed IP for the tracker. If someone does manage to jack your car, you can then send an SMS command to these tough and tiny GPS trackers to remotely shut down the engine.

Car GPS Tracker (55-70 USD)

This is a slightly smaller and more affordable variant of the real-time tracker, but its geo-fencing capabilities make it an ideal solution for safeguarding your vehicles as well as monitoring them. This particular line of GPS tracking systems will alert you if it leaves a predefined area, which can be immensely useful for logistics and courier companies that limit their operations to a very specific zone. You can then choose to track the vehicle in real time or even disable the fuel lines if you believe your vehicle has been stolen.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.1.2014. | 17:34
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  1. tracker24x7 December 29, 15:27

    They are really affordable in pricing . Do you have any idea about SourcingBay car GPS tracker ? It costs between $30 -$40.

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