LED Projector Tips: Getting Better Results From A Lit Room

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.1.2014. | 17:24

A LED projector is best used in an enclosed space, where walls or thick curtains prevent light from streaming in. This is allows the LED beamer to produce clear, crisp pictures that are easily discernable even from a long distance away.

But what if you have to use a LED projector in an environment where dim lights are turned on for participants to see in the dark? Worse still, what if you have to use a projector in a fully lit environment like an open-air stadium or an auditorium with the lights on full blast?

If you ever find yourself in such a dilemma, then these tips ought to help you and your technical support provider get better results from projecting in a lit room:

Block as much sunlight out as possible
If you ever have a choice between using your LED video projector in an indoor and outdoor environment, choose the indoor environment. Sunlight is insanely powerful and is much more effective at obscuring the light from a LED projector than some measly light bulbs. If you are in an outdoor venue, then make sure the projector and the surface are at least inside the shade. Fighting direct sunlight with a projector will be futile.

Point lights away from the projector’s path
If the venue must be lit, then do your very best to block the lights from hitting the screen and the projector’s lens. You can do this by redirecting the lights away from the screen’s surface or by covering the top and sides of the screen so that it has a little alcove of darkness for the projected images to be a little clearer.

Bring the projector closer to the screen
If all you have is a relatively low-power portable projector with you, then you will need to move it to within a few feet of the screen itself. Doing so will focus the beams of the LED projector so that it will produce a much clearer image for the audience. The downside is, of course, that the image won’t be as large as you want it to be. Small text and images will be made even smaller to the point of being illegible, so keep this in mind when working with larger audiences.

Max out the projector’s brightness
Every digital projector has a button or configuration somewhere that will allow you to ramp up the brightness of its lamp to the max, allowing it to work better in lit environments. This will, however, significantly ramp up the heat generated by the projector. Make sure that it is an open environment and that its exhaust ports are unblocked, and keep it running in short stretches at a time to give the LED projector some time to cool off.

Invest in powerful projectors and high-gain screens

Some bulkier and more expensive LED computer projector models have really, really bright lamps that can create better images even in direct sunlight. These work extremely well with high-gain screens focus the light that hits it and is much better at reflecting it than most other screens. The downsides here are that both options are quite expensive while the clarifying effect of high-gain screens is only visible when viewed head-on.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.1.2014. | 17:24
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