Facebook Predicted To Fade Away

Author James Mash 24.1.2014. | 11:12

Ahhhh Facebook, the ultimate social media tool that has caused the lost of work, study and real human interaction time for many individuals across the globe. Hours upon hours have been wasted by many individuals that post their feelings, photos, lives, interests, their current situation so that millions of friends, family members, strangers and stalkers can all see. Now academics from Princeton University claim that Facebook is on the decline with an estimated 80% of users quitting in the next three years as they believe Facebook has reached its peak and as the old saying goes, “What goes up, must come down”.

The decline of Facebook stems from the fact that Facebook was at its peak in 2012 where it had over a billion users worldwide. The academics used theories where it focused on Google Trend as well as the way the decline will be like a disease as more people leave, there be less interaction making it feel emptier with less interaction that will encourage others to leave. Also MySpace (If you remember that and had an account you can high five yourself) reached its peak in searches during 2008 before it ended up on a downward spiral. There was even a claim that many younger users were encouraged to quit Facebook after discovering that their parents and sometimes their grandparents had an account on Mark Zuckerberg’s website. Only time can tell what will happen with Facebook.

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Author James Mash 24.1.2014. | 11:12
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  1. Jenn April 22, 19:54

    I left FB about a year ago. I felt as if I wasted to much time on it. I would look at the time and realize I’d spend more than an hour a day reading about whatever it was the other user wanted everyone to know. Eventually, a person who knew who I through someone else attacked me through text on FB. That was enough for me to go.

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