Windows 9 Scheduled For Launch On April 2015

Author James Mash 15.1.2014. | 14:30

Are you using the latest Windows 8? Maybe the very popular Windows 7? Or you could be totally upset with Vista? Possibly you are old school and hate changes and remain with Windows XP?  Well coming in 2015 is the new Windows 9. That is right, the big boys at Microsoft are preparing to release the next major operating software for everyone to enjoy at work and at the office unless your use a Mac as you pull smug faces while drinking latte in a Starbucks thinking how you made changes to society by blogging about it.  If you were one of the many that complain about Windows 8 then you will be pleased to know that Microsoft is distance itself from the confusing usage that Windows 8 offered.


Windows 8 broke the traditional look that had built Window’s reputation as an extremely user-friendly interface and went with a more modernized appearance that looks like the interface you would find on a mobile device.  While it did find some success when used on smartphones and tablets, the more old school method using mouse and keyboard while on the desktop made users feel uncomfortable or lost.  Things got too bad that they had to release Windows 8.1, which included the return of the world famous ‘Start’ button.  Microsoft has admitted it is concentrating on the mobile market however they will not forget the desktop users.


Windows 9 is set to make its debut somewhere in April 2015 so set your watches because it will probably need an updated version to come and replace it in October later that year.


Chinavasion has a Windows 8.1 compatible tablet that is known as the “Emerge” and as usual it is being offered at a great wholesale price.

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Author James Mash 15.1.2014. | 14:30

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