Competitors from China: ZTE Android Phones

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.1.2014. | 15:12

ZTE Android phones are another branded smart gadget from China that are rapidly growing on the international circuit in addition to gaining fame for having some cool specs. Coming in an array of different designs, ZTE offers an impressive range which varies from the traditional shell calm opening feature phones to the more up-to-date touch screen Android phones that are currently dominating the market.


Besides ZTE phones having their own operating system, the more modern smartphones use third party operating systems such as Windows, Firefox and of course the more commonly used and extremely popular Android OS.  ZTE have taken advantage of the popularity of Android and combined it with its own quality and high spec mobile phones. One of these phones is the ZTE Grand S LTE, which is a very stylish ZTE Android phone that offers users a very impressive processor that is teamed with a high megapixel rear camera and more than adequate front-facing camera. With a 5-inch display, the ZTE Grand S LTE offers a 1080p resolution and the device is super slim at only 6.9mm in thickness making it extremely appealing.


The ZTE corporation is no small time player when it comes to mobile phones and communications as it is a multinational telecommunications equipment and systems company plus in 2012 it was the world’s fourth-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, so ZTE seem to have an impressive background. With this kind of knowledge and experience, the Shenzhen based company is not new to the world of mobile phones and it proves with the list of phones it incorporates.

Unlike other Chinese companies that like to copy or make almost identical phones of high street brands that are selling well, ZTE have their own R&D department that focuses on making the next innovation of smart phones therefore bring a new uniqueness that other phone companies may not implement. ZTE as a company have done other things such as launching the ZTE mobile club that provides multimedia e-Books to be downloaded, which provide users with high quality experience, encouraging the trend of mobile phone reading.

Some people can be put off buying from a company that was founded in China due to the negative reactions towards manufacturing in the past. However, since China has started to expand outwards to other countries the level and quality of products has improved dramatically and it really does show especially now as ZTE can be found supplying customers in Brazil, USA as well as other countries.

China has seen an increase of phone manufacturers who have mostly chosen to adopt an Android operating system to be installed on the phones as it is more appealing to users as well as being the most popular and heavily advanced software available for smartphones. ZTE is one of the companies that has jumped on the Android band wagon and have paired it with their smart phones plus using powerful processors that are sometimes quad core to deliver a more than acceptable performance that makes ZTE more interesting for users, domestic and international.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.1.2014. | 15:12
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  1. Patrick January 14, 21:28

    Hi this new device from ZTE seams interesting and i would like to become one of your representive in DR Congo

  2. sani Yusif turaki January 16, 18:58

    I really know your phones for we have used some of them fast years and I know now you can do better,I wish I can have when I will visit the company in China and if possible I can be one of your dealers here in my country

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