May’s Five Hottest Gadgets For Resellers

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.6.2009. | 19:40

May 2009 was another exciting month for us here at Chinavasion. We added another 60 new products to our online catalog, including some of the webs’ most talked-about gadgets.

With all that activity we know it is easy to miss some of the new products we added last month, so here is a recap of our five favorite items from May.


Action Sports Helmet Camera (30FPS) [CVSD-J11]



Action Sports Helmet Camera (30FPS)
Whatever outdoor sports you love, this camera records it all.

Easy to mount and fasten on a standard helmet, the helmet-cam puts your viewers right in the middle of the action.

Simply insert an SD card into the helmet camera and begin recording, it’s that simple! BMX, Downhill, Motocross, Skiing, Snowboarding, Climbing, ATV, indoor bedroom activities, you name it – the Chinavasion CVSD-J11 helmet camera records it all!

Now you can show all your friends and family incredible first person POV (point of view) footage from your adventures.

Share your stunts, jumps, races and best sporting moments and make yourself the action star.


Action Sports Helmet Camera (30FPS)

    • What is it: Action Sports Helmet Camera (30FPS)
    • How much does it cost:US$37.22(You will get a higher discount the more you order




Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (Swimming Pool, Shower, Beach) [CVIM-B10]



Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
The world’s first floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker!

Finally, you can enjoy a hot relaxing bubble bath, or just lay around in your swimming pool all day listening to your favorite tunes, and never worry about missing a call because this floating Bluetooth speaker will be let you know!

Simply pair this speaker with your cell phone and let it stream all your mobile phone’s MP3 music, then when a call comes in the music will stop playing to let you know that you have a call coming in.

How cool is that?

You can let this float next to you in your pool, play with it on the beach, or even take it into the shower or bath with you – how you use your Bluetooth speaker is up to you!!


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

    • What is it:Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
    • How Much Will It Cost:

US$42.49(You will get a higher discount the more you order




Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight (Non Contact)[CVHM-H13]



Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight (Non Contact)
With the latest bouts of influenza and other viruses it doesn’t pay to get too close to sick people. This thermometer is perfect for anyone with children or other small creatures.

With its long range, accurate reading, and immediate response, now you can take your child’s temperature at any time from across the breakfast table, and they will never even know.

If your child is ill, this thermometer gives you the ability to monitor their condition and respond immediately if temperatures rise too high.

When you bring this non-invasive thermometer home your family will thank you and doctor mom will love you.

Chinavasion’s exclusive model has a -32 to 300 °C range so you can also use it for an assortment of handyman-related activities. Handheld fun for the whole family!


Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight (Non Contact)

    • What is it:
      Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight (Non Contact)
    • How Much Will It Cost:

$23.28(You will get a higher discount the more you order



Portable Multimedia DVD Player with 12 Inch Widescreen[CVIB-E21]

ortable Multimedia DVD Player with 12 Inch Widescreen
Don’t sacrifice a clear crisp picture or a big screen when you use a portable DVD player on holiday.

The high-quality 12 Inch screen can be rotated 180 degrees and even flipped down to be viewed like a laptop tablet.

Enhanced by superb compatibility with a broad range of digital media file formats (movies, music and images), including MPEG-4 and DivX, the CVIB-E21 offers you both convenience and functionality in a stylish unit.

It has connectivity options including AV IN and OUT ports, VGA OUT, a built-in memory card reader and USB port for convenient digital media playing and is complemented by the impressive sound output from the two built-in 2W stereo speakers.

What more could you ask for when you and your family are on the road this summer?


portable Multimedia DVD Player with 12 Inch Widescreen

  • What is it:Portable Multimedia DVD Player with 12 Inch Widescreen
  • How Much Will It Cost:US $111.94(You will get a higher discount the more you order



GPS Receiver + Location Finder + Data Logger + Photo Tagger[CVHN-G50]



GPS Receiver + Location Finder + Data Logger + Photo Tagger
Never get lost again with this handy little gadget. In fact, this product will give you four powerful GPS functions in one small device!

Function 1: Location Finder
If you have ever had trouble finding your car after a big football game, you will love this gadget!

Using the GPS location finder, you can now enjoy the game without worrying about remembering where you parked your car.

To find your way back to your vehicle is easy. You just need to press a button, record your location with the GPS and then, once you want to make your way back, just follow the LED direction arrows pointing toward the saved position of your vehicle, its that simple!

This smart function is great for anyone who needs help finding his way back to his car, hotel, or wife (provided she hasn’t moved since the last time you saw her).

Function 2: GPS Receiver
You are also able to use this handy little device to turn your computer into a GPS system!

This USB GPS receiver dongle is the only hardware you need to transform your laptop, notebook, or netbook computer into a fully functioning GPS unit.

Just connect this dongle to your computer’s USB port and locate your position right on your screen.

This is great for finding your place on a map when you’re camping or planning the next day’s route.

Function 3: Data Logger
You can also use this GPS receiver’s data logger function to record all the GPS data of your trip.

The data logger records your position, speed, and altitude.

When you get home, connect the dongle to your computer and use the included iTravel Data Logger software package to view all your logged paths right on Google Maps or Google Earth.

Function 4: Flickr Photo Tagger
Now the fun really begins! Use the included software to paste your photos and captions onto your path.

Next, embed the GPS info into your pictures and upload them to Flickr.

Now your family and friends all over the world can see your pictures and the exact location where you took them!


GPS Receiver + Location Finder + Data Logger + Photo Tagger

  • What is it:GPS Receiver + Location Finder + Data Logger + Photo Tagger
  • How Much Will It Cost:US$53.87 (You will get a higher discount the more you order


So, check out these hot sellers today or visit our list of new releases to see if you can pick the hottest selling products for June.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.6.2009. | 19:40
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