Loggers, Trackers, and Receivers, Oh My! GPS Gadgets Explained

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No matter whether you want to find the best route for a cross country trip, locate your car in the parking lot, or track down your tramp of a girlfriend while she’s off on another four hour “shopping trip,” we have a GPS device that is right for you.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a system of navigation satellites orbiting the earth.

GPS gadgets like those available from Chinavasion receive signals from these satellites to give you information about where you are and where you want to be.

Thanks to advances in technology, innovative engineering, and fierce competition among manufacturers, a wealth of amazing GPS gadgets is now available at record low prices for consumers everywhere.

Today, we’re going to give you a side-by-side comparison of Chinavasion’s current offering of amazing GPS gadgets and an overview of their different functions.

Product GPS Receiver (USB) GPS Receiver (Bluetooth) Data Logger Photo Tagger Location Finder Internal Battery Tracker with SMS
GPS Receiver + Location Finder + Data Logger + Photo Tagger


GPS Receiver + Data Logger + Photo Tagger (Keychain Edition)
GPS Receiver + Data Logger + Photo Tagger for Flickr


GPS Tracker and Data Logger
GPS Receiver USB Adapter for Computers (Netbook, Laptop, UMPC)


GPS Tracker with SMS Message
Family GPS Tracker with Messaging - GSM/GPRS/SMS (EU)




The capabilities of all of our GPS devices explained. Just follow the link to learn more about the products.


But what do each of those titles mean?

Location Finder: The location finder function lets you find your way back to a place you have been before.

First you have to save the target destination into the device, usually just by pressing a button.

location finder

Location finders like the GPS receiver, location finder, data logger and photo tagger are great for people who have parked their car in the Disneyland carpark and don’t know where to find it.


When you want to return to that location later, just press another button, and arrows on the device will light up to indicate the correct direction.

This is great for finding your car in a big parking lot or finding your way back to your hotel or camp site.

GPS Receiver via USB: Devices with this functionality let you turn your computer into a fully functional GPS unit.

Just plug the GPS device into a USB port on your laptop, notebook, or netbook computer, and it immediately begins locating GPS satellite signals.

GPS Receiver USB Adapter for Computers (Netbook, Laptop, UMPC)

USB GPS Receivers like the GPS Receiver USB Adapter for Computers don’t cost much and can transform your computer into a GPS navigator


You will need your own GPS software to make full use of this GPS receiver. This is great for locating your position when you’re camping or planning the next day’s route.

GPS Receiver via Bluetooth: This function lets you pair the GPS device with your smart phone or PDA via Bluetooth.

GPS Tracker and data logger

Bluetooth GPS Receivers like the GPS tracker and data logger make great accessories for your PDAs and smart phones.


The GPS device then acts as a GPS signal receiver for your smart phone or PDA. Your will need your own GPS software to use your phone as a GPS navigator.

Data Logger: The data logger function captures and stores GPS data such as coordinates, speed, and altitude during your trip.

After your trip, you can plug the GPS device into your computer and view your logged paths right on Google Maps or Google Earth.


Data loggers like the Keychain edition of the GPS Rceiver and Data Logger are great things to take with you when you want to remember where you have been.


This feature is great for seeing exactly where you traveled on a hiking trip or camping expedition.

Photo Tagger: The photo tagger feature is actually a function of the software that accompanies a GPS device.

Devices with the photo tagger feature also have the data logger function. After you have loaded your logged GPS paths onto your computer, use the photo tagger software to paste your photos and captions onto any point along your path.

GPS Receiver + Data Logger + Photo Tagger (Keychain Edition)

Photo taggers like the GPS Receiver + Data Logger + Photo Tagger (Keychain Edition) are great gift ideas for world wanderers who like to travel the world and share what they’ve found with the people they love.


You can then embed GPS info into your photos and upload them to Flickr Maps so that family and friends all over the world can see your pictures and the exact location where you took them!

Frequent travelers and photographers will love the ability to put their photos literally on the map.

Internal Battery: Some GPS devices have no internal battery and must be connected to a power source, for example a USB port on a computer or a cigarette adapter in a car.

GPS devices with internal batteries can be carried around in your pocket or on your keychain.

Tracker with SMS Function: This feature lets you track the movement of your GPS device (and whatever or whoever it is attached to).

After you insert a SIM card into this device, you can send a text message to the device at any time, and it will respond with its GPS coordinates and other data. Some GPS trackers can be configured to send you their coordinates periodically.

GPS Tracker with SMS Message

Trackers with SMS function like the GPS tracker with SMS message will even send coordinates to a cell phone.


This is the device of choice if you want to keep tabs on a family member or covertly track that special (yet unfaithful) someone.

These devices sell quickly, so make sure to get yours for personal use, for gifts, or for resale. All the above devices are in stock, available with no minimum order quantity, and ready to ship directly to you or your customer anywhere throughout the world.

In addition to the above devices, make sure to check our New Products page to see the amazing gadgets we add every day.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.5.2009. | 10:52
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