How Long Will You Keep Your Cell Phone? Chinavasion Poll

Author xlxmarketing 29.5.2009. | 12:00

It’s time to face a grim reality. Your cell phone won’t be with you forever.

It could be that the cell phone doesn’t have the latest functions, gets ‘senile’ in its old age or just takes a swim in the toilet there is one thing for certain. You will probably need to replace your cell phone.

And, if global trends are anything to go by, this will happen sooner rather than later.

According to the good people at the globalist ( people in the US replace their cell phones every 18 months in Europe it happens every 15 months and in Japan the average time for a new cell phone roles around once every 9 months.

With that in mind we here at Chinavasion are going to ask you to take part in a very unscientific poll.

Let us know, in the box below, how long you keep your cell phones for.

And, if you’ve got any funny or memorable stories about how the last cell phone you had died share that with us too by adding it as a comment to the blog.

Author xlxmarketing 29.5.2009. | 12:00
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  1. doctormidnight May 29, 13:04

    I’ve only owned 3 cell phones in my entire life. The first I purchased in 1997, it was about the size of a large ham sandwich. It died after 3 years, and since I was broke I never bothered to get another one until 2004. It was a Nokia from Sprint, and even though it was a total POS, it was small and flipped open.

    At the time, I was living at an apartment on the WSU Pullman campus. One night, I had a biology lab go two hours late because the supplies we were using got contaminated. As I was walking home at about 11:30 PM, I decided I should call my wife and let her know I would be home soon. As soon as I ended the call and flipped the phone shut, I heard someone behind me say “hey man, can I bum a smoke from you?” I turned around and there were two guys standing there smiling. I said “sure,” and pulled one out of the pack in my shirt. When I went to give it to the first guy, he grabs my hand – my left hand – and says “gimme your f***ing money,” while the other guy reaches around to my back pocket.

    Now, I never carried my wallet in my pocket for this exact reason. It was always in a zippered internal pocket in my backpack, or in my front pocket. Since my right hand is free and there’s only one guy in front of me (still holding my left wrist), I did what any sane person would do: I stabbed him in the eye with the little nub of an antenna on my cellphone, swung around and hit his friend on the back of the head twice with the bottom part of the phone, and then gave the first guy a parting kick to the knee.

    I started running back to the campus police station, then realized “hey I have a cell phone, maybe I should just call the police.” I flipped it open and the top part fell off. Sprint said “abuse wasn’t covered,” so I decided not to pay for another phone.

  2. John Stevens June 8, 15:00

    I believe we are on the brink of a revolution in the cell phone world. It is currently difficult for the Chinese companies to gain market share against the big companies like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericson, etc…

    But I am waiting for ChinaVasion to start selling a quality Dual Sim, 3G enabled Android phone. As soon as that one arrives, there is NO NEED anymore to pay the premium on the established brand phones.

  3. SmarT June 24, 15:11

    Nice story, doctormidnight!

    I’ve lost my last one quite unsmartly – left it at the open-air gym :).
    And the previous one lived for around 2 years. Once I was running up in the building with my phone in my hand, and I hit the door-handle with my screen. Yup.
    I actually used it a couple months more after that since the phone was OK and the LCD only was broken :).

    Good luck with your phones to you, reading this :).

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