How to Unlock Your Android Phones If You Forgot the Unlock Pattern or Passcode

Author James Mash 6.12.2013. | 14:14

unlock android phoneForgetting your Android phone unlock pattern or passcode can be frustrating, and many users actually end up forgetting it at some point. While there are many solutions posted on the Internet about how to deal with this situation, only a few of them actually work. Some of the solutions that work require you to download apps and install them on your Android phone, others need you to sign in with your Gmail account, and finally, others will reset and erase all of your data from the Android phone, returning it to factory settings.

Depending on your particular situation, you may want to choose a certain solution to bypass your unlock pattern or passcode. If you have just bought the Android phone and did not have time to store any information on it, erasing all of the data will certainly not be a problem. But if you had the Android phone for a long time and have many contacts and personal information stored in it, you may want to look for alternatives. Especially if you haven’t backed up your information anywhere else.

Here are three simple solutions to unlock Android phones that will work for most brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG as well as Chinese brands such as ZTE, Lenovo, Huawai, ThL and more:

Unlock By Logging Into Gmail account

1. Type the wrong password or pattern for five times

2. After the fifth mistype, an option called ‘Forgot Pattern’ will appear in the bottom right side of the screen – click on it

3. Log in with your Google username and password associated with the respective Android phone

4. You can now draw a new pattern and confirm the change.

Bypass By Downloading Apps

1. Log in to the Android Market on your computer

2. Install the ‘Screen Lock Bypass’ App to your Android phone

3. Install another application – the application will run and disable the screen lock

4. The application runs each time you boot the Android phone and bypass the screen lock.

Reset Phone: Restoring the Android Phone to Factory Settings

1. Switch off the Android phone

2. Press the volume button up and down

3. Press the power button and keep holding it with the volume up button

4. Keep pressing until the terminal interface appears on the Android phone

5. Navigate through the terminal using the home button

6. Choose the option to delete all user data

7. Your device will restart after several moments and it will reboot with factory settings.

A Few Notes Regarding Unlocking Phones When Forgetting Pattern of Password

Be careful if you want to use the last solution to bypass your Android phone’s code, as you will actually lose all information on it, including contacts. Only choose this if you have a backup for any personal or important information. The first option has been known to fail for some users, but others managed to use it successfully. The second option is optimal for most users, but it’s not a solution in itself, as it never changes the password, but it simply bypasses it every time you open your Android phone.

Author James Mash 6.12.2013. | 14:14
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  1. Cyrelle March 1, 21:03

    How can i unlock my phone by PinCode please help meee. :(((

  2. yogesh mathur May 1, 15:38

    yes its working

  3. vikas May 8, 21:34

    How can i unlock my phone by Pattern Lock please help meee.

  4. ragil May 18, 15:57


  5. Sinthia sohani June 20, 12:53

    I use numbr 3 restoring process bcz my phn just newly buying, its working i just want 2 give thnks . . . . .

  6. Ido June 24, 17:49

    If the phone is locked by PIN (and not by password or pattern), what should I do ?
    There is no ‘Forgot Pattern’ in the bottom right side of the screen !
    BTW: the phone brand is THL W100s.

  7. sweets December 1, 21:59

    I have a sony experia m and I recently changed my pincode which I forgot, and I tried number 3 which didn’t work cause the terminal interface never showed so what do I do..?? Please answer ASAP

  8. sweets December 1, 22:03

    Xperia m, how can I unlock my pincode..?? How long does the terminal interface take to show..??
    Reply ASAP

  9. James Mash Author December 3, 09:25

    Hi sweets, Sorry to hear of your troubles with the Xperia m, I think it normally takes about 30 seconds for the terminal interface to show but as we’re not specialists on the Sony device I would recommend following the information on the Sony mobile support website.
    You can visit that site here

    This should be for information regarding your Xperia M and unlock the screen code if it has been forgotten.
    I really hope this helps your resolve the fault and if further help is required you could head to your nearest Sony retailer or call them as they may have further advice.
    Thanks you for contacting us and we hope you can get this resolved soon.

  10. stephen December 4, 04:32

    hi havong problem with my htc,cant remember my pin and dont see forgot password interface to reset pin through user account. really disturbed now.please help me.

  11. James Mash Author December 4, 15:51

    Hi Stephen, If you have a screen lock pattern, it can be recovered using the default Google account. tap Forget password at the bottom of the screen on your phone.
    If you have a Pin or screen code then you may not be able to reset it this way and should check out the HTC support webpage,
    In the worst case scenario you may need to do a reset on your phone but this is a last resort, please check with your phone provider and the manufacture webpage first to see if this can be avoided.
    Hope this helps,
    Good luck Stephen.

  12. Dharmendra January 3, 22:57

    Please halp mi

  13. amy January 16, 05:20

    I have tried what it says to do . does not work anything else I can try forgot pattern to get into my phone

  14. SamLin January 19, 09:54

    Could you explain your problem, so we can give you some instructions on how to solve?

  15. SamLin January 19, 09:54

    Hi Amy, where does it go wrong? Could you give more details?

  16. heaven January 23, 07:10

    I need help I forgot the pattern to my zte grand x and I did what it says but what if I for got the email that goes with it?

  17. jackie doward January 28, 08:53

    I tried this but by mistake clicked the wrong option….. now when i try to do it again i just get the unlock screen asking for pin ……… plz plz can u help as i have only just got this phone many thanks x

  18. Victor February 9, 12:57

    hi, I have Panasonic T31 and forgote the pattern .. I tried wsitching it off and pressing volu but it is not going to terminal for other unlock or reboot options. please help. Victor

  19. golaotsemangmorena February 24, 21:19

    how to unlock zte maxx please help

  20. Mahendra Patel February 28, 03:54

    I have AG chrome swift phone I forgote pattern what should I do pls help me…

  21. Stillz March 28, 12:55

    I don’t understand chinese language. The whole options are written in chinese. I use a HTC x-bo. Pls i need ur help.

  22. Marrie June 30, 18:15

    How can I unlocked a net10 passcode if I also forgot the email & password associated with the phone. I lost it a while back & found it again & it has important information in it that I need.. Please help. Thanks

  23. Virginia B (@darklamb86) July 9, 10:53

    my dad has a coolpad smartphone and he forgot his username and password, how can he fixed this without erasing everything on his phone

  24. jeanette July 18, 06:28

    After doing this on blackwiev ultra it wants me to select with volume up, andconfirm with volume down, but a cannot select, seems it does not respond. What to do?

  25. SHANTIBHAI SANGHAVI November 16, 17:59


  26. Lucky arora November 27, 00:39

    How I unlock my pattern lock Lenovo a6000plus mobile without losing data if u have any solution palazzo tell me quickly

  27. chester January 6, 01:28

    please help I forgot my zte maxx phone lock code

  28. stephen January 23, 01:37

    hi i have a hipstreet W7 tablet,windows based now when i turn on it says RECOVERY then error 0xc000000d i cannot find a fix anywhere please can somebody help

  29. KEBOAMOGETSE KGAUDI June 6, 17:38


  30. Jonny August 4, 03:05

    Bought an Experia second hand. Person forgot the email and the pin for lock screen… Anybody help???

  31. nikola November 28, 02:47

    how can i unlock my phone by pin code

  32. Prelliandebele December 13, 21:37

    How can I open my ZTE vodacom I forgot password

  33. jamez December 16, 02:24

    i have a new lenovo phone wit a pin stuck 2 it plz how cn i remove it

  34. lewellyn December 19, 17:40

    how can i unlock my i pad fonia the child put code and she foget

  35. prince December 26, 20:20

    hello is there anyone here can help me? someone swap their phone Lenovo t9(clone phone) to mine.. but I forgot to ask the passcode to here.. I tried to reset it using volume up and down plus power but it doesn’t work.. is there any option or way to reset it? thanks in advance

  36. Pelep March 17, 17:26

    i forgot my username and my password in google how to fix it plss………..

  37. Pelep March 17, 17:27

    Plsss……. Help me

  38. James Mash Author March 20, 09:02

    You should have a couple way to recover the account if you can remember the account you used to set it up with.!topic/gmail/srf2XWIUJyw
    For the Username
    You can enter the email or phone number you registered with the account when you set it up.
    Google will then help you find your account username.

    for the password :
    You can reset your password by one of these methods:
    1. Having email sent to a recovery email address that you have setup and registered in your account
    2. Having a code sent to your cell phone number you have registered in your account
    3. filling in the recovery form ( verify your identity form, address DOB etc)

  39. Moo Kim May 5, 13:51

    Tried to unlock my phone with many sites but failed, finally is able to find the code for my device and it is now unlocked.

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