Drones: Amazon’s Little Helpers

Author James Mash 3.12.2013. | 11:54

The day that we were warned about since the 80s Hollywood classic Terminator and that is the robots are taking over. Well, not quite, actually the big boy in online buying, Amazon, has started to use drones for delivery, and hope to have a packages delivered this way to be faster, more environmentally friendly and efficient. The drones are made to be able carry up to 2.5kg in weight, which is just over 80% of the products sold on Amazon and will be able to deliver with 30 minutes if you are within a 10 mile radius of an Amazon distribution center.


As awesome as this sounds there are of cause drawbacks such as that these drones won’t be able to deliver anything about 2.5 kilos. The weather will be a factor as even couriers sometimes struggle to cope with the harsh weathers that occur in certain countries so a small drone maybe swept away. Regulations play another factor as they must make sure when these drones are flying they are not in the way of other air-traffic, not to close they causes damage and other health and safety matters. If you live in an apartment block, it may be an issue for the drone to reach your front doorstep and if you are away when it arrives then that could also be a burden. However these problems have already been recognized and it seems these drones would be used for selective delivers as it still is faster and more convenient than a truck driver as they will do independent delivers and can fly over obstacles such as traffic and can easily place the item in the back garden of the customer.


Drones are unmanned aircraft that are guided and are used for a variety of tasks including observing and allowing Special Forces and emergency services to view disasters, search for people and evaluate a situation. Drones have been used a lot recently by the armies as well, from spying on terrorists, to dropping bombs on potential hideouts.


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Author James Mash 3.12.2013. | 11:54
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