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Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.12.2013. | 08:17

Antivirus and online security software maker F-Secure has now also launched its own password manager dubbed F-Secure KEY for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. KEY lets you generate secure passwords and secure your existing user accounts by keying them all to one master password. Passwords can also be synced between devices, and are automatically filled out in login fields to make logging into websites a breeze.




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The information stored using F-Secure KEY such as Wi-Fi passwords, credit card details and user accounts information, is strongly encrypted to keep it safe from prying eyes. The built-in password generator is another plus, especially if you usually face difficulty coming up with secure passwords. Getting started with Windows version was a very straightforward process. The 10MB installer didn’t take much time to setup and soon, there I was at the welcome screen. After launching the app, the first step is to create a new master password by clicking ‘Create new account’.

As mentioned earlier, F-Secure KEY lets you synchronize your password details with your smartphone and tablet. To do that, click Connect device from the home screen sidebar (accessible via a menu icon), and just follow a few simple steps. The program also keeps you updated with major hacking and cracking incidents from around the globe. Lastly, F-Secure KEY lets you export and import login details to and from an XML file.



Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.12.2013. | 08:17
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  1. Zkoumidlo December 9, 23:17

    I have been using free app Sticky Password in my smartphone and it is really great. What I like the most about it is floating window, other apps don’t have it.

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