Pros and Cons of Rooting Android Phones

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.11.2013. | 17:03

There are many reasons why Android phone users decide to root their phones, but there are also reasons against doing it. Rooting a phone will allow you to have administrative access to your phone’s software, so you will be able to install or remove any application, speed up your CPU and generally customize the phone as you wish.

Basically, you will be able to do whatever you want with your Android phone. You should only root your phone if you have read about this and think that you can handle the process. Each Android phone has its own rooting specifications, and some are harder to root than others. The risks also vary, so it’s very important to keep in mind that you have to search for instructions to your exact Android phone before rooting it. Here are the pros and cons of rooting your Android phone.

Pros and Cons of Rooting Android Phones


Full customization options

You will be able to customize everything on your Android phone, from system files to themes and deleting applications that came with the phone. Rooting also allows you to back up the entire system on an external USB or SD card, which means that you will always have a copy of your previous system in case anything goes wrong.

Installing modified ROMs

There are many ROMs out there that can give your Android phone a completely new feel and optimized performance. Flashing a customized ROM can only be done if you have rooted the phone first. Just be sure to check on the internet for what type of ROMs to install on your specific Android phone.

Better performance

Rooting Android phones allows you to overclock the CPU, which will make your phone run faster. There are some risks associated with this action as well, one of them being that your phone’s lifespan will decrease in some cases.

Running unauthorized apps

Many Adroid phone owners want to run specific apps that have not been authorized by Android. This can only be done by rooting the phone first.


Warranty void

Rooting Android phones means that you will no longer be eligible for your phone’s warranty, even if you just bought it. This happens because, while rooting is not illegal, it still interferes with the way in which Android has designed the phone to work. Some phones can be un-rooted, but not all of them!

Bricking the phone

If you follow the exact steps of rooting your specific Android phone, you should have no problems, but as rooting means that you are modifying system files, there is always the possibility of bricking your phone in the process. Sometimes this can be fixed, but it still requires a lot of work from you.


If you haven’t installed custom ROMs on your phone after rooting it, you will still receive updates. Some of these updates may interfere with the root and break it, so you will have to re-root your Android phone again.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.11.2013. | 17:03
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