The Man Who Threw Away Millions Of Pounds: A Bitcoin Blunder

Author James Mash 29.11.2013. | 16:40

How would you feel if you were this man? By now he could be a millionaire with an Aston Martin and some scantily clad women hanging off him pretending that he is a stud. Instead though he threw it all away, and I mean he literally did throw it away. Mr. James Howells, an I.T. worker discovered he was a millionaire via Bitcoin digital currency; trouble is that he only just discovered this after he threw the computer away during the summer. James Howells threw away his hard drive because it began overheating; well it is safe to say he is the one who is feeling the heat now I can imagine.


Like most people, he went on the search but found out his laptop was buried under rubbish and rock in an area the size of football field. So he has had to accept defeat and maybe learn from this mistake however when he did purchase the Bitcoin way back in 2009 it was not worth as nearly as much so he let the digital currency ‘mine’ away. The amount it was worth when he disposed of the laptop was about £500,000 and now it was estimated to be worth £4.2 Million. Bitcoin is an online currency and is becoming increasingly popular as it is being used for online transactions due to having low transaction fees and prevention of double spending. Many people recently came to hear about Bitcoin via the online trade site of illegal products, Silk Road, as this website used Bitcoin as payment. Through various exchanges, Bitcoins are purchased and sold at a variable price against the value of other currencies


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Author James Mash 29.11.2013. | 16:40
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