How YouTube Works

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.11.2013. | 01:52

You’re about to watch a video via YouTube. Hell, you watch dozens of videos every day on YouTube. But do you have any idea how it works?

If not, it’s worth watching this video. Where does all that video live? How does it get to you? And why the hell do you have to put up with buffering anyway? Time to find out.

via Gizmodo

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.11.2013. | 01:52
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  1. Franc November 27, 00:16

    Hi, i want to know why did you canceled your YouTube Channel, i loved to watch the videos of your products, they gave me assurance on the product quality.

  2. Shirley December 6, 15:35

    Hi Franc,
    There is some issues about our youtube channel but we’re fixing now and will get it done asap

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