Motorola Wants to Patent a Neck Tattoo That’s Also a Microphone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.11.2013. | 23:09

Do you ever get tired of holding your phone to your face? How about trying to chat in loud, crowded places?

No need to fuss. Motorola’s got you covered with its latest patent application: a smartphone microphone that’s tattooed onto your neck. Just think, you could have a little piece of Google embedded right into your body.


According to the patent application, said neck tattoo would pick up sound by reading the “fluctuations of muscle or tissue in the throat” and sending it to a smartphone or other device wirelessly. It’ll be equipped with Bluetooth and NFC technology and “may or may not be rechargeable.” The application is a little bit cagey about whether this “electronic skin tattoo” is permanent or something you can just stick on. Either way, what a fun and subtle way to become a cyborg.

via Gizmodo

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.11.2013. | 23:09
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  1. Kathy DeCicco November 12, 21:13


  2. Agent G November 12, 22:08

    I wonder if they thought about a tatoo speaker on your ear aswell. You’d still have to hold the dam thing to your face else you may as well be talking to yourself with only a mic. Just saying.

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