Desktop Vs. Portable: Which Computer Projector Is Better?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.11.2013. | 13:52

There are many different kinds of computer projectors out there, but the most visible difference you can find there is size. You have portable variants, from mini computer projectors that are designed to be carried around in your briefcases to pico projectors that will fit in your pocket. Then you have desktop variants that vary in strength and size but are all designed to sit primarily in one spot and to be rarely moved around.

mini projector

So the question now is which variant of computer projectors will best suit your needs: desktop or portable?

Portability: The First Factor

Desktop and portable computer projectors are differentiated primarily by their weight and size. Projectors that weigh less than five pounds or more than eleven kilograms are designated as portable, while projectors that weigh more than the aforementioned values fit into the desktop category. Portable projectors are also designed to be compact enough to fit into a briefcase or some smaller container – less than 10 inches wide and less than 4 inches thick.

You then have the very first factor to consider when choosing between portable and desktop computer projectors. A bulkier office or home projector comes highly recommended if you plan to keep the projector locked in place for prolonged periods of time, while a portable projector becomes much more attractive if you plan to travel around while conducting seminars or presentations.

This is, however, not the only factor to take into consideration.

Lumens: The Defining Factor

Desktop projectors tend to be more powerful than their portable counterparts, with your average computer projectors being able to churn out higher lumen levels. This makes desktop variants much more reliable when presenting images or videos to a large audience in a wide room with elevated levels of ambient light. Even if you travel a lot, you may need to lug along a heavier desktop projector for computers if you plan to present to upwards of a hundred people in a large auditorium.

If, however, you plan to use the projector for personal use or to present to a handful of people at a time, then your typical portable projector can provide all the functionality you will ever need. These mobile projectors can get the job done even if you plan to mount it in your living room wall or simply to expand the display of your smartphone to make it more visible for friends or family coming over to visit.

Budget: The Ultimate Factor

Cost is the final factor that will determine whether you will want to get desktop or portable projectors. There are high-end computer projectors that are light and portable but still pack a whopping 3,000-plus lumen rating. If this is the type of projector you are looking for, then be prepared to pay a few thousand dollars for the device.
If your budget is limited, then you need to choose between being able to carry your projector around with you or being able to project a clear image that will be visible across relatively large distances and in relatively well-lit conditions. You can’t have both at the same time if the financial resources you set aside for your computer projectors are not unlimited. You also can’t be picky with other side-features if you are running on a budget, like a projector that comes with a built-in modem for Internet access.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.11.2013. | 13:52
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  1. Francois De Vries November 8, 23:35

    Where can I buy the projector shown in the picture or is this just a mock up?

  2. daducuo April 5, 15:12

    Thanks for describing these main three factors, were very helpful to me!

    I do see that brightness is very important in a projector because if it is of low level, the projector won’t work in daylight environment!

  3. projectoreviews (@projectoreviews) October 24, 18:02

    Thanks for simplifying the reasons why to buy a portable or desktop projector. It was very helpful to me.

    I see some good portable projectors are perfect for your all projection requirements. But your expectation is a little higher then you must go for the desktop projector.

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