Tired Of Lengthy Customs Delays? Try EMS

Author Severine Dumon 11.5.2009. | 22:29

You have or you want to start an electronic shop and it is nightmare to import goods in country.

You have got the business registered, got the import license. And now you, or your customer has to pay high import duties each time you, or they, receive a parcel.

It’s either that or the item stays in the custom shed for weeks on end while the customer sends email after irate email.



Relax. EMS could be the answer to your problems.

EMS is an express air mail service set up in 1980 by the China Courier Service Corporation (CCSC). A state owned enterprise owned completely by the CCP.

As a result of the unique circumstances that EMS operates in (half fastpost service, half courier service) it tends to be a little faster than airmail.

It is also more likely to enjoy the preferential treatment customs officials show to airmail packages.

It also has a higher level of trackabillity than airmail.

As a result, the average package shipped by EMS will possibly:

    • Be shipped within seven to 10 days
    • Be tracked from the EMS website (ems.com.cn/qcgzOutQueryAction.do?reqCode=gotoSearchE#).
    • Be insured by EMS as well as being covered by the Chinavasion Delivery Warranty
    • Be the smoothest way for Customs clearance
    • Be delivered to almost every country (email us to find out)


Countries such as Brazil or Greece tend to have strict import restrictions and their deliveries may be unfairly delayed and highly taxed for customs clearance purpose.

EMS shipment may enjoy a preferential treatment of the Post, Customs and airline companies in some cases, which makes life easier for you and your customers.

Now that you know how EMS can be useful to you, here is how to ship your Chinavasion order with EMS.

Currently EMS is not a public option in the Chinavasion.com checkout, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot select it as your shipping option.

This is easy to do, just hit the shipping company option link in the checkout:

And you will be able to select EMS from the shipping options.

Once that is done you can pay for the order as usual.

When we we check the order we will measure the cost of EMS. If the shipping cost for the goods is not too much higher via EMS we will proceed and send out your order. If the shipping cost via EMS is more expensive we may contact you to discuss any additional charge.

So, there you have it.

You can place your Chinavasion order and ship it with EMS

Get ready for a smooth delivery!

Chinavasion Shipping Price4
Author Severine Dumon 11.5.2009. | 22:29
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  1. Jailza May 27, 23:21

    EMS always cheaper than other couriers.
    Why you dont simply include ems in the checkout box options?
    I do not understand why I must pay price of Fedex or DHL for having the product sent by EMS.
    Also I do not understand the motive because they collect for HKpost registered a value so above their table.


  2. Brian June 3, 11:51

    I agree with Jailza.
    I would like to see EMS included in the checkout, it seems to be that better courier and cheaper.


  3. Vlad June 4, 15:31

    Agree, we all need EMS shipping with prices lower than DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT!
    I’m 100% SURE that sales will boost at least TWICE if EMS option with real shipping price will be available at checkout!

  4. MARIA NEILDE DE SOUZA DINIZ November 8, 03:05

    No doubt we want a way to pay for cheaper transport of goods, so we can buy more. how do I uasr the EMS? Thanks Maria Neild

  5. Kostyan December 5, 19:57

    when will be able to use EMS delivery without paying for expensive services of other courier services? ??????? ??????? DHL =(((

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