13 New Technology Gadgets For Quickly And Painlessly Taking Measurements

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.11.2013. | 16:47

Measurements are essential in our day to day lives, but it is a pain having to manually do so. This is where a whole host of new technology gadgets come in to make the task of measuring a much easier process than before:

new tech gadgets

1. Electric Multimeter – this nifty line of cool gizmos helps test voltage, current, resistance, continuity and diode function – five functions in one device. Anyone doing regular electrical work absolutely needs this device to quickly and efficiently gauge the condition of an electrical circuit or component.

2. Remote Thermometer/Hygrometer – new technology gadgets can be damaged by excessive heat or humidity, as anyone who runs a server room will know all too well. These latest gizmos plug into a USB port and can send reports remotely via email or MSN – perfect for remotely managing a server room from afar.

3. Digital Anemometer – this device is extremely useful for anyone that works with wind and heights. The digital versions are capable of measuring both wind speed and temperature – vital points of data for wind-related sports and high-altitude construction projects.

4. iOS Blood Pressure Monitor – a lot of folks have an old iPod, iPad or iPhone lying somewhere in the house. This system brings new tech to old devices, transforming iOS-powered devices into blood pressure monitoring systems for those with heart conditions.

5. Decibel Meter – musicians and industrial workers alike have to deal with sound and need to make sure that it is not loud enough to cause injury. This line of new technology gadgets will swiftly let you prevent noise pollution from reaching uncomfortable or even dangerous levels.

6. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge – These cool gadgets can help you check the thickness of a wall or item without breaking it down. It uses ultrasonic technology to penetrate concrete, steel, iron, plastic and other common materials – very useful for those in construction or manufacturing.

7. Infrared Thermometer – these new technology gadgets use infrared beams to measure temperature from afar. Just aim, pull the trigger and presto – you can check the heat of a furnace or smelter without having to singe your eyebrows off.

8. Laser Distance Measurer – these latest gadgets will accurately tell you how far off that thing in the distance or how long that length of pipe really is. You can even calibrate the device to measure area and volume.

9. Breathalyzer Keychain – friends don’t let friends drive drunk, and this line of new technology gadgets will make sure nobody drives drunk. Now you will have solid proof that you or those around you are too inebriated to get behind the wheel – saving a life or two in the process.

10. Heart Rate Monitor Watch – this nifty little device is an excellent companion for sports enthusiasts. Now you can push yourself to the limit without putting yourself at risk of overdoing it and causing your heart to shut down.

11. Digital Protractor – measuring angles can be a pain, but this cool little protractor does the job for you. Simply spread out the two rulers out and you’ll immediately get feedback on the angle they form.

12. Smart String Tape Measure – this device will let you quickly and accurately measure objects shaped in such a way that ordinary tape measures simply can’t conform to. It even doubles as a calculator so you can instantly work with the measurements you just took.

13. Digital Calipers – you need only measure an object once and for a second to accurately obtain its dimensions. It even measures up to two decimals, ensuring all values are as accurate as possible.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.11.2013. | 16:47
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    Hey Nice Post

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