15 Great New Technology Gadgets For DIY Fans

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2013. | 14:59

A lot of today’s new technology gadgets are designed for basic consumer use, like smartphones and tablets and various other electronic devices. There are, however, quite a few new gizmos that will be of great help when it comes to construction, repairs, maintenance and other DIY projects. Here are some of the top ones to make it on the list:

New Technology Gadgets

1.Wireless Inspection Camera – these cool gadgets let you peek into hard to reach locations with its flexible shaft supporting a digital camera and a flashlight. Very, very useful for gauging the integrity of materials hidden behind walls or under floorboards.

2.Infrared Thermometer – these new technology gadgets let you measure temperature from a safe distance away. A must-have gizmo for cooking, chemistry or metallurgy.

3.Laser Distance Measurer – need an accurate reading with the snap of a finger? This nifty device will let you do just that; eschewing the need for walking and reaching all over the place.

4.Digital Protractor – need a quick measurement of angles that is 100% accurate 100% of the time? This useful little tool will do just that in a matter of seconds.

5.DC/AC Clamp Multi-meter – this is an absolute must for those working with electrical work as it lets you test AC and DC connections as well as true root-mean-square voltage. Get these new tech gadgets ASAP if you work with appliances and electrical connections.

6.Magnetic Car-Charged LED Flashlight – these new technology gadgets are great for those that do a lot of driving during the night. Truckers, teamsters, police officers and even hunters will always have a fully-charged flashlight without having to rummage around for it.

7.Emergency Jump Starter Kit – this portable power bank not only charges a wide array of devices but can also help start up a car when its battery runs out. Keep one with you just in case.

8.OBDII Car Reader – this nifty device will let you check your car’s onboard diagnostics (OBD2 or OBDII) via a laptop or connected Android device. It’s great for checking if your car is performing as expected.

9.Multi-Function Vehicle Monitor – if you want to read the data while driving then these monitors will do just the trick. Simply install one inside your car and you’ll be good to go.

10.Magnetic Project Mat – tired of losing tiny screws and other metallic components? Fret not for these latest gadgets are made of low-power magnetic materials – strong enough to hold stuff in place but weak enough to prevent damage to electronics.

11.54-Bit Driver Kit – a compact screwdriver kit with a whopping 54 bits for various screwing and unscrewing needs. Need we say more?

12.Conductive Ink Pen – this is a great product that works well with a variety of new technology gadgets. Simply lay out a route with the ink, let it dry and boom – you have a quick and easy circuit just like that.

13.Compact Survival Can – if you get lost far away from civilization, you will have a better shot at surviving if you have one of these cans stowed away. They contain a lot of useful gear, ranging from matches and a compass to a fish hooks and fishing lines.

14.All-Purpose Putty – this nifty substance is useful for a wide range of quick fix-it solutions, from forming childproofing sharp corners on furniture to protecting wires on routers that provide Internet access to your home.

15.Static Electricity Eliminator – this little tool is great for getting rid of static buildups while working with electricity or wearing negatively charged materials. Just grasp the eliminator and touch it to a grounded object to get rid of your built-up charge.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2013. | 14:59
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