Bye Bye Facebook? People Slowly Disconnecting From The Social Media World

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.10.2013. | 15:29


Social media has changed our lives in many ways, reuniting with old friends, letting the world know what you do or what you want them to think that you do. Photos of cats, rants about politics, religion, the disabled etc, websites like Facebook and Twitter allow and endorse this. Facebook was founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates, and now it is a global phenomenon that has taken the world almost when it comes to social media. These days though some people are turning off their social media sites saying that the sharing of information has gotten out of hand with people knowing too much about someone. Imaging breaking up with your partner of 10 years then you have to see what they are up to after the break up, even if you delete them you may encounter them through mutual friends etc. Also some people have been caught out on rants, sober and drunken, which may have cost them their relationships, respect or their jobs. Like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages with things, it depends how you treat it.


Facebook has been involved in thousand of scandals and claims, with it accused of spying for governments, pushing its opinions on people as well as publishing and allowing videos that some people may call inappropriate. Imagine a world where we all became disconnected with each other, do you think you would try harder to stay in contact? Think about how you can access Facebook and check people’s profiles and have an idea what they had done that weekend just by looking at statuses, photos and comments, which would show more and probably explain better than an e-mail. It is probably still hard for the millions on line to close their Facebook account as some may be addictive, however though many are slowly starting to do it. Has Facebook had their day? Will something new come along? Will it be like Myspace? Or can they gain access to a bigger market such as China, where Facebook is blocked to encourage the largest population to get involved? Only time will tell.


Source: Sky News – Technology

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.10.2013. | 15:29
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