Update: Airmail, Battery Issue, and Tracking

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.10.2013. | 16:39

Dear Customers,

Regarding recent logistics challenges, we would like to provide you an update of the topics below:


Hong Kong Post Airmail Not Available

Due Hong Kong Post’s policy changes, it will not accept any parcels that include batteries. For more information see this link here. In reaction to this, the Chinavasion logistics team will automatically pick the best airmail option based on your destination, such as Singapore Post and Swiss Post. However, due to more strict checks that are currently taking place also for these airmail options, this could possibly delay your order for a few days to one week.

For urgent orders, we would like to advice you to pick one of our express courier shipping options in our checkout.


Battery Issue

Because most logistics companies will currently not accept a second battery, Chinavasion will not provide an additional battery at the moment. Our expectation is that policy will not be adjusted in the near or medium term. We have changed our product specifications on each product page accordingly for this.


Slow tracking

Some logistics companies currently are receiving more parcels than they can handle. Due to this capacity issue, please bear in mind that tracking information will be updated at a slower pace than you might be used to.

As always, Chinavasion will closely monitor the current situation and post an update on our blog as soon as we can. We hope that this sudden situation have not brought you any inconveniences.


Best regards,


Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.10.2013. | 16:39
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  1. charles ji October 24, 07:56

    my Order number: 2161717

    I still saw the two batteries on Youtube Ads. This is one of the reason I select your product against BLU brand. Is there any way you can send me the second battery?

  2. gary Ravin November 3, 01:07

    still looking for the light i ordered Order # 2162873

  3. Suco November 9, 09:51

    In online chat said if courier no problem for send 2 batteries, thi is not serious for your side, and still appear in video…

  4. Mel Wilde November 11, 20:30

    Hi, My order is now long overdue. The Swisspost tracking is just confusing and hasn’t been updated for a long time. Where is my order: RU465070939CH ??

  5. Mark Newman November 13, 21:42

    date given was 13th Nov 2013 nothing as still not even in uk

  6. ciaran November 22, 00:22

    ordered and paid for phone on 22/10/2013 and still not received it.
    Order no 2159393.

  7. Bas November 24, 03:02

    Order 2 phones on 20/10/13 and still waiting now more for a month!
    Track and trace shows that my order is still at the border of Singapore for 4 weeks now!

  8. christopher conti November 26, 02:33

    I have still not received item 2158833. sent on tracking number RU465062861CH

  9. michael November 27, 05:43

    same problem here …RU465059615CH truck number seems no info since 22nd Oct 2013

  10. Shirley December 6, 15:28

    Hi Michael, We have contacted the courier and will update you by email shortly

  11. Shirley December 6, 15:34

    Hi Christopher,
    We will contact you by email shortly about this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  12. Shirley December 6, 15:36

    Hi Bas,
    We will help you locate where your package is. We will contact you via email shortly

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